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Meet your destiny, and enter the halls of the Sphinx, to become initiated into the Sphinx Mystery School and become a Wisdom Keeper.  Choosing to become a Wisdom Keeper means being of service to humanity and the growth of conscious awareness on this planet.  It is an honor to serve humanity while offering plenty of opportunities in terms of freedom and finances. Most importantly, becoming a wisdom keeper is creating an incredibly deep connection with the other person while potentially transforming lives. As every person that comes for a reading is a mirror of some part of you, you also experience tremendous healing and self-awareness through the act of sharing the codes. In helping them to realize themselves, you self-realize a part of yourself.

The level of maturity that is required as a Wisdom Keeper is not to be under-estimated, as it is a real responsibility to open a person’s Archetypal Blueprint and enter into their subconscious architecture. It demands a high level of centeredness, conscious awareness and energetic cleanliness, in order to avoid any kind of projection. Each Wisdom Keeper goes through a certain initiation process, including the Wisdom Quest ( insert link instead of writing it out) and the Clairessence course ( insert link instead of writing it out).

In order to maintain a high level of competence, an application process has been put into place before being accepted to the certification program. If you are interested in becoming a Wisdom Keeper, please apply online by filling out the form and we will get back to you with more detailed information. Once accepted, you are welcome to take any of the certification courses, in Europe or USA, in proper order (L1 -L7).

Please take your time to answer all questions.
Thank you for your understanding, we welcome the opportunity to hear from you.




    Apply to become a wisdom keeper. It takes deep patience and great attention to be in service to others. Please fill in the application form
    and we’ll contact you for an interview.

    Certification X – Bardos & Death
    Certification X – Bardos & Death – brings us through the intricate process of death. Through your archetypes, there…
    Certification IX – Dimensional Blueprints
    Certification IX – Dimensional Blueprints brings you deeper into the code where we’ll examine three other charts that each individual…
    Certification XII – Artist – Tarot Symbols Decoded
    Certification XII – ARTIST – Learn the secret symbolism of the visual cues of each Major Arcana. Decipher all…
    Certification – VI – Sex & Intimacy Readings
    Certification VI – Sex & Intimacy goes deeper into individual’s Blueprint to discover their deep intimate sexuality patterns and behaviors.…
    Certification IV – Business & Executives Readings
    Certification IV – Business & Executives is about learning how to read the dynamics between an individual and a team.…
    Certification II – Relationships
    Certification II – Relationships – learn how to read relationship charts and discover how each relationships creates a unique blueprint…
    Certification I – Initiation into the Archetypes
    The First Certification course is the Initiation into the Archetypes. Learning the 22 different Archetypes and the 16 different…
    Certification III – Global Transits
    Learn the global cycles of nature and how they influence our world and ourselves personally
    Certification V – Family & Parenting
    Parenting and Family Certification Course V – brings deep understanding of family dynamics and how to better understand and navigate…
    Certification – VII – Master Keys
    Certification VII – Master Keys – brings another dimension into reading the charts, through 5 master keys that help bring…
    Certification – VIII – Health & Wellness
    Certification – VIII – Healthcare & Wellness – Learn how each archetype have particular health concerns through their planetary influences.…
    Certification – XI – Master
    Certification XI – Master – This is the final course in the full initiation into the Sphinx Code. This…


    Certified Sphinx Code Experts

    Our expert team of wisdom keepers are here to help provide you with guided readings, bringing you deeper into the understanding of yourself, life and your relationships. As trained facilitators of the Sphinx Code, wisdom keepers are deeply initiated into the secrets of the Tarot, and mostly in how each archetype works with each other. They are trained to bring this knowledge to you and the world. There are different levels of expertise. Click to discover more about each wisdom keeper and then sign-up for your reading.

    Dr. Isabel Sharkar
    Apprentice Wisdom Keeper

    Dr. Isabel Sharkar is a powerful creator and integrative medicine doctor, that brings a healer’s natural guidance to her Sphinx Code readings.

    David Newell
    Original Wisdom Keeper

    David Newell is the Founder of Inner Truth – an online platform for self discovery that helps people discover their true purpose, path, and power.

    Jade Chloe Duhamel
    Original Wisdom Keeper

    Speaking three languages, and incorporating several cultures, Jade brings integrative vision into her readings.

    Greg Kheel
    Original Wisdom Keeper

    Greg offers an intuitive approach of decoding the sphinx code into a digestible format that has practicality in life.

    Victoria Ibar
    Original Wisdom Keeper

    Victoria Ibar – Original Wisdom Keeper. Victoria brings a wonderful joy to her readings, bringing her years of experience with different fitness coaching, as well as her plant medicine work. Victoria provides clear and instructive sessions.

    Tina Grassi
    Apprentice Wisdom Keeper

    Tina is apprenticing as a medicine woman. She uses NLP, psychology, energy work and deep intuition to help people deepen their medicine journeys and to integrate their experiences into their daily lives.

    Maryna Ihnatieva
    Apprentice Wisdom Keeper

    After investing 100’s of hours learning sphinx code and human design, through witnessing the shifts and impact this had on her community this naturally motivated Maryna to offer this professionally.

    Vera Kirichenko
    Apprentice Wisdom Keeper

    Vera’s readings offer an individualized approach which aims to help identify and move through inhibiting emotions or traumas and guide you to finding your own personal power.

    Manex Ibar
    Master Wisdom Keeper

    Manex Ibar is the founder of the Sphinx Code wisdom system, and a master Sphinx Code Wisdom Keeper. His readings masterfully weave the depth of the code to elevate and optimize people’s lives.

    Mike Pinette
    Apprentice Wisdom Keeper

    Mike is an artist and wisdom keeper, holding the knowledge of the occult symbology of the archetypes. His vision brings depth to all his readings.

    You Could Be Here
    Apprentice Wisdom Keeper

    Join the team and become a Wisdom Keeper!


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