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Wisdom Keepers

Wisdom Keepers are professional, certified holders of the Sphinx Code wisdom, having gone through a deep initiation into the wisdom and the symbology of the Tarot’s major Arcana. They understanding the positions of the Sphinx Blueprint and know how to read the chart. Wisdom Keepers bring the Archetypes’ messages alive and weave them into your personal life so you can better navigate and truly benefit.

Profoundly dedicated to serving others, a Wisdom Keeper participates in the deepening of the knowledge, its development and expansion to larger communities around the world. The role of a Wisdom Keeper is to help guiding individuals, couples, families and groups so they better understand the interplay of their subconscious patterns. Each Wisdom Keeper is expertly trained to guide you towards a better comprehension of your Archetypal Blueprint. They help you with practical knowledge, tips and advice so you can unlock your negative patterns, behaviours and beliefs. The true gift of your essence brought to light trough the different readings, you express yourself successfully in all aspects of your life and set free your true potential.

Discover Wisdom Keeper Readings

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Meet Our Wisdom Keepers

Our expert team of Wisdom Keepers are here to help you with personal readings, bringing you deeper into the understanding of yourself, your life and your relationships. As certified facilitators of the Sphinx Code, Wisdom Keepers have a profound knowledge of the secrets of the Tarot, particularly of the interaction between the different archetypes. They are trained to bring this invaluable knowledge to you and to the world.

What Is A Reading?

A Wisdom Keeper reading is a very powerful and transformational, private session, filled with valuable knowledge concerning your life.

The Wisdom Keeper is trained to read the delicate and poetic dance between the archetypes of your blueprint. His expertise and the developed relationship bring depth to the reading, so you can truly discover the wisdom of the Sphinx Code and how it can transform your life.

For more information about the different types of readings see HERE

Get Your Wisdom Keeper Reading

A Wisdom Keeper reading is one of the most important personal readings you will ever have, as it is the only system that truly shows your Archetypal Blueprint, or the subconscious architecture of your inner mind. The interweaving of the archetypes, deciphered expertly by a certified Wisdom Keeper, increases your awareness and the understanding of your subconscious blueprint. At service with practical advice and support, the Wisdom Keeper helps you achieve greatness in your life.
All Sphinx Code readings consist of 6 levels, helping you truly understand the depth of the

Information in your chart:

  • Surface Level Reading
  • Shadow Reading
  • Harmonization Reading
  • Soul Reading
  • Interference Reading
  • Soul Vision


Greg Kheel

Guardian Wisdom Keeper

Greg offers an intuitive approach of decoding the sphinx code into a digestible format that has practicality in life. After more than a decade of global travel and diverse cultural experiences from living in nearly all continents, Greg has a universal understanding of how archetypes play with the psyche. Being an international model for 15 years, Greg has a close relationship with judgement, and understands the nuances and complexities that being in a place of being judged brings to one’s life. Greg thrives on guiding though leaders, and people of influence into a more harmonious state of their being.

VIctoria Ibar

Guardian Wisdom Keeper

Victoria's sessions lead from a place of intuition, integrative vision, and her practice as a medicine woman. With a background in clinical herbalism, she concentrates her readings on the human connection with nature, weaving in her knowledge of other esoteric sciences and systems. She believes in energetic and plant medicine as a path of personal and collective healing and transmutation. Initiated from a young age into the shamanic, and plant path; her call to awaken, like many, came in the form of physical illness. She believes that our relationships with the plants, as intelligent messengers of the cosmos, exists to facilitate our soul’s development, and evolution of our consciousness. As a conduit, she is a carrier of their medicine, sharing their healing and gifts with others.

Jade Dhumal

Guardian Wisdom Keeper

Jade’s readings aim at allowing each person to truly see themselves in their essence, to understand their inner workings, so that they can reach a genuine acceptance and appreciation of all their aspects, both shadow and light. She aspires to bring people to realize how each negative pattern, each apparent weakness or flaw actually holds the unique potential that is the polarity of that same energy/archetype. As a mother, she has a particular focus on parent-child dynamics – as a parent with her/his child, and as a child with her/or his parents – and how these affect every aspect of a person’s life, even through adulthood. As an avid student of her own and her client’s children’s charts, she specializes in family relationship readings, in articulating how a person’s own archetypes play out into their children’s charts and in using the Sphinx Code to be a conscious educator.

David Newell

Guardian Wisdom Keeper

David Newell is the Founder of Inner Truth - an online platform for self discovery that helps people discover their true purpose, path, and power. Each week on Inner Truth, he brings together the leading thinkers, speakers, and healers at the forefront of inner wellbeing to share life wisdom on how to cultivate more peace, purpose, and happiness. Recent guests include celebrated spiritual thinkers such as Ruby Warrington, Shaman Durek, Paul Selig, and Yung Pueblo. David is dedicated to the transformation of human consciousness through online courses, events, talks, and has been featured several times in the British national press and on the BBC.

Mike Pinette


Mike is an artist, holistic life coach, traveler and spiritual explorer on a journey to help people live more aligned to their desires with more mental peace, physical vitality and spiritual freedom. Having been on the winding path of self discovery and finding his genuine passions, he now specializes in revealing some of the limiting beliefs and narratives that dictate and shape behavior, health, relationships, and performance for others. Mike has a deep desire to bring people home to themselves in a new way and inspire others to authentically express their unique gifts and true nature to the world around them. Mike felt called to be initiated into the Sphinx Code as an artist to create a new Tarot deck, but in the process of learning the system, he realized that the Sphinx Code technology is one of the most direct and profound tools for personal development and self discovery. The code exposed an incredibly vast amount of useful knowledge about his own life that left him feeling inspired to share the system with others.

Marina Beishkik


Marina comes from a lineage of different healers and has been studying different forms of healing modalities with different teachers throughout the last 3 years. She has been initiated into the medicine path, and uses the Sphinx Code and Human Design as primary tools to better understand people.

Vera Kirinchenko


Vera’s journey focuses on healing herself and helping others heal from past trauma, cycles of addiction, and old belief systems. As a nurse and therapeutic yoga instructor, Vera has been on the path of personal transformation through yoga, meditation, and energy healing since immigrating from Eastern Europe over 2 decades ago. Having tried many different modalities of healing and personal development, she came across Sphinx Code, which instantly connected all the dots and shed light on blind spots and false programming which had not been revealed by any other system. Learning and understanding Sphinx Code has been a life changing experience that, continues to bring clarity and revelations about herself and her relationships with others, also helping her understand and transcend cultural boundaries.

Tina Grassi


Tina is apprenticing as a medicine woman. She uses NLP, psychology, energy work and deep intuition to help people deepen their medicine journeys and to integrate their experiences into their daily lives. She owns her own integration coaching business and is on her way to receiving her Psychedelic Therapy Certification. One of her favorite tools is using the Sphinx Code to support people in seeing themselves more clearly and deepening their healing work.

Dr. Isabel Sharkar


Dr. Isabel Sharkar is a naturopathic medical doctor and co-founder of Indigo Integrative Health Clinic in Washington, D.C. Using naturopathic healing principles intertwined with deep spiritual practices, Dr. Isabel provides a unique opportunity to countless of women, leading them into full self-expression, through healing the mind-body-soul connection to their personal power. Through her well curated Creatress Unleashed program, Dr. Isabel births the new female archetype, the CREATRESS, who through healing herself is able to heal the world. Dr. Isabel stands for empowering female entrepreneurs and CEO boss babes to live their best lives without sacrificing their health, well-being and pleasure. She is known as a beauty expert and has written for magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Byrdie, Pop Sugar, Psychologies Magazine, Huffington Post, Top Sante, Aspire Skin, Net Doctor, Perfect Wedding, Country Weddings, Vogue, and many more. She has been featured in DC Modern Luxury, NBC news, the Exhausted Docu-series, and numerous podcasts. Dr. Isabel strongly believes incorporating the deep alchemy of Sphinx Code into her medical and spiritual practices is the one-percent advantage to providing her clients deep transformational healing on all levels. Through her unique style of sphinxing, she walks you through a ceremony and ritual of exploring your inner depths, core beliefs and soul purpose.

Manex Ibar


Manex Ibar is a globally recognized mystic, spiritual guide, and shaman to Doctors and leaders from around the world. As the founder of the Sphinx Code, he is bringing this knowledge to the world by teaching people about this wisdom system, bringing new depths of understanding to the human consciousness. As a recognized leader in conscious energetics, and known internationally for his expertise in; subconscious archetypes and patterning, his ability to bridge high-level concepts of spiritual consciousness with scientific methodology, and guidance for personal, and corporate enhancement, and optimization. Through 25 years of initiation into spiritual wisdom traditions and occult knowledge, and a 15 year professional practice in guiding individuals, Manex brings light, and practical tools, to solve complex situations that come with life, whether personal, relational, or career wise. As a reputed ceremonial master and workshop leader, Manex also publishes media on spiritual consciousness, subconscious energetics, shamanism, and the power of creativity as our human expansion. Sought after by global spiritual and business leaders for his vision, wisdom, practical techniques, creative solutions, and warm heartedness in hosting enriching experiences, Manex fluidly integrates his enlightened connection with Nature and Source for his clients benefits. He has taught at the College of Psychic studies in London, Nomade Tulum, Eselan in California, The Alchemist Kitchen NY, ABC Home NY, Pharmacy London, Urban Retreat London, the Assemblage in NY and in the Basque Pyrenees where he holds his landmark retreat Wisdom Quests ( He is a top rated author on the number 1 rated meditation app from mindvalley-soulvana and has been seen on major TV networks, Podcasts, and news stands. His deep devotion to understanding the human experience in relationship to the universe and through many of the great spiritual traditions, Manex’s scientific and engineering mind brought him a new perspective early, becoming a bridge to cultures, spirit and science, creativity and technology, and conscious and subconscious awareness. Spending over 420 accumulative days in Nature by himself through a series of vision quest and shamanic initiations, having died in the pacific ocean and washed to be alive and initiated into throat singing by a whale, to being hit by lightning twice, Manex’s life is full of mystical initiations both by the 13 master teachers he follows and Nature. His deep love for Nature and the human experience on this planet brings his compassionate aspect to help bring new wisdom to the masses so that they too can enjoy and participate in the beauty and magic of life. He seeks to bring spiritual and scientific concepts to the masses through easily understood language and practical experiences that can be adopted quickly. Having helped shift several terminal diseases, his conscious, subconscious, and energetic mastery and deep understanding of the human behavioral system in conjunction with practical experience provides powerful means of affecting change using the mind. He uses several advanced systems including Human Design, Gene Keys, Astrology, plant knowledge including his own botanical company Fréquence Botanicals ( and has developed his own wisdom system based on the ancient emerald tablets, the kybalion, kabhal, and the Tarot called Sphinx Code (

Wisdom Keeper Reading?


Wisdom Keeper readings are powerful, transformational, and filled with knowledge concerning your life. Through the expertise of the Wisdom Keeper, the reading can go much deeper then text or video. The Wisdom Keeper is trained to read the delicate and poetic dance between the Archetypes playing through your Blueprint. Developing a relationship with a Wisdom Keeper brings more depth so that you can truly discover the wisdom of the Sphinx Code and how it can transform your life. There are several different types of readings that are possible, and each has its own flow of readings. A Wisdom Keeper reading is one of the most important personal readings you will have, as it is the only system that truly shows your Archetypal Blueprint, or the subconscious architecture of your inner mind.


Usually a Wisdom Keeper reading lasts about 1.5 hours.  To truly go deep with yourself and understand your chart, we recommend a sequence of 6 readings over 6 weeks that will provide you with deeper knowledge and understanding of your Archetypal blueprint.  This enables you to truly dive deep. 


Get Your Wisdom Keeper Reading

All Sphinx Code readings have 6 levels of readings to truly understand the depth of information in a chart:

A Wisdom Keeper reading is one of the most important personal readings you will have, as it is the only system that truly shows your Archetypal Blueprint, or the subconscious architecture of your inner mind. The interweaving of the archetypes, read expertly from a trained and certified wisdom keeper increases your awareness and understanding of your subconscious blueprint. With practical advice and support, the wisdom keeper’s are at service to helping you achieve greatness.


  1. Surface Level Reading

  2. Shadow Reading

  3. Harmonization Reading

  1. Soul Reading

  2. Interference Reading

  3. Soul Vision



Get Your Wisdom Keeper Reading Session.

Get a Wisdom Keeper Reading.  For 1.5-2hrs, get your Sphinx Code Archetypal Blueprint described in detail, outlining aspects of your life, personality, career, relationship, and intimacy.  Learn about your traps, your wounds, your limiting belief systems, and gain access to heal and evolve past them through your harmonization key. Learn what ego transformation you are asked to evolve to.  Bring awareness to your soul mission and your inner essence, so that you can begin to truly step into your heroic journey and awaken your own personal myth that activates your magic.


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