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Dr. Isabel Sharkar

Initiate Wisdom Keeper
Address: Washington DC, USA and Portugal
Brief info

Dr. Isabel Sharkar is a naturopathic medical doctor and co-founder of Indigo Integrative Health Clinic in Washington, D.C. Using naturopathic healing principles intertwined with deep spiritual practices, Dr. Isabel provides a unique opportunity to countless of women, leading them into full self-expression, through healing the mind-body-soul connection to their personal power. Through her well curated Creatress Unleashed program, Dr. Isabel births the new female archetype, the CREATRESS, who through healing herself is able to heal the world.
Dr. Isabel stands for empowering female entrepreneurs and CEO boss babes to live their best lives without sacrificing their health, well-being and pleasure.

She is known as a beauty expert and has written for magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Byrdie, Pop Sugar, Psychologies Magazine, Huffington Post, Top Sante, Aspire Skin, Net Doctor, Perfect Wedding, Country Weddings, Vogue, and many more. She has been featured in DC Modern Luxury, NBC news, the Exhausted Docu-series, and numerous podcasts.

Dr. Isabel strongly believes incorporating the deep alchemy of Sphinx Code into her medical and spiritual practices is the one-percent advantage to providing her clients deep transformational healing on all levels. Through her unique style of sphinxing, she walks you through a ceremony and ritual of exploring your inner depths, core beliefs and soul purpose.


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