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Certification I – Initiation into the Archetypes
$7500 ($2500) paid

Started on January 24, 20239am-7pm with a lunch break14days

The first certification course is the pre-requisite for all other certification as it initiates you into the Sphinx magic.  Learn the secrets of the Tarot by understanding all of the symbolism of each card and learning the Fool’s Journey through the major Arcana.  Learn each position of the Archetypal Blueprint® and begin to read people’s birth cards.

Through a 14 day initiation, we will cover 2 Arcana per day and also go on 1 magical walk in between.  You will get direct transmission from Manex who will use ancient ways of passing down knowledge energetically.  Like the Tibetans did long ago, as well as the Druids, direct transmission is the fastest and most powerful way to gain information.   During the course, magical things begin to happen as we dive deeper into each archetype.  

  • Learn the 22 Major Arcana’s Symbolism
  • Learn the Secrets of Each Arcana
  • Learn the 16 Positions of the Blueprint
  • Learn the Process of Reading a Blueprint.
  • Gain Powerful Knowledge of Subconscious
  • Gain Insights For your Clients
  • Begin to Give Sessions to Clients
  • Gain Tremendous Insight into Yourself

Becoming a Wisdom Keeper of the Sphinx is a true honor and gives you incredible depth as a practitioner where you will gain power.  Having the knowledge of people’s past and youth gives you immediate recognition and trust.  With this trust, clients open up to you and reveal more.  They also listen to your guidance and are more willing to try your advice.  More so, they feel seen, sometimes for the first time.  This means they come back for more sessions and guidance on several issues. The journey of learning the Sphinx Code is a blessed one.  Join the evolution and become one of the 1000 Wisdom Keepers.  Provide more for your clients and truly learn to be one of the best personality coaches on the planet.


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