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Certification V – Family & Parenting

Started on April 21, 202217.00 - 20.304 days

The Family & Parenting certification makes use of the different relationship charts as well as the group charts to comprehend the family dynamics.  Each relationship is unique between the individuals of the family, and then the family group contains its own unique patterns that influence each individual differently.

Learning the different dynamics of each group, family patterns, and understanding how that works within the structure of the family and each individual is the core of the certification.You’ll unlock the group dynamics charts in the code, giving you access to the new levels of understanding towards groups, especially concerning the family.


  • Learn Family Dynamic Patterns (12 of them)
  • Read Individual Charts with Family Chart
  • Learn to Read the Family Chart
  • Increase Your Relationship Understanding
  • Unlock Group Features in Code
  • Gain Access to Group Dynamics Chart
  • Create Long Term Family Clients
  • Bring a New Level of Family Coaching

Our families are some of the most powerful relationships we experience in our lifetimes.  They form our natural subconscious patterns from an early age including intellectual, energetic, emotional, and physical bonding that is hard to understand.  There are so many different aspects to our family dynamics that bring harmony or suffering.  With a family and parenting certification, you will learn how to guide others open their relationships towards compassion and deeper understanding of their relatives and their personal journey through their families.  You will help guide parents to better understand their children.  

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