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Arthur Magoulianiti

Initiate Wisdom Keeper
Phone: +35799454956
Address: cyprus
Brief info

Arthur Magoulianiti’s driving principle is that we all deserve to have a life that we love, not just live in, and the best way to do that is through creating it. It’s not always our first career or even our second that will give us what we strive for. Arthur knows this firsthand. His initial career focus was Electrical Engineering but he felt there was something better out there for him, something that aligned with his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for strengthening the communities he lived in. Through his journey he found a natural fit in private coaching for entrepreneurs and business leaders. He helps people take the “Now what?” out of their equations and brings them to the point where they can implement the ideas that will transition them to their greater potential. Gaining recognition as a Certified High Performance Coach with The Burchard Group, and as a certified coach, trainer, and speaker with The John Maxwell Leadership Team, Arthur is a craftsman of his trade. He has experienced many things in his own life journey where he knew what he wanted, and could even envision it, but it was not happening.

He became wholly committed to finding ways to help others avoid that same frustration and as a result he is an empathetic, action-driven coach. Change isn’t easy and Arthur helps make it more manageable through guiding people on how to adjust their mindsets so they can open up the doors to the personal and professional success they desire. Today, Arthur works in the United States and United Kingdom helping individuals achieve exponential shifts in their productivity, psychology, physiology, persuasion, presence, and purpose. An author, speaker, and successful business entrepreneur, Arthur leads you towards achieving your full potential.


Arthur's Offers

Tina offers personal sessions that guide you through your Archetypal Blueprint, allowing you to understand how to liberate your shadow conditioning and awaken your higher expressions, your myth.


A personal reading helps you go deep into your archetypal blueprint to understand each position and the archetype within each position.  You gain great insights on your profound being and psychological structures.  You gain access to your key for harmonization and your soul mission, with clear paths to achieve it in this lifetime.  Get your reading now and gain clarity and valuable time focusing on what is right for you, so that you can achieve your full potential.



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