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Sphinx Code Readings are incredibly powerful in revealing many different aspects of your personality and your life. Sphinx Code readings bring knowledge of your inner and outer workings. Your behaviors, your strengths, your skills, and inner essence can be revealed through your cards. Your Archetypal Blueprint are your life Cards. From the old saying, "It is not in my cards to win the lotto" well, the Sphinx Blueprint reveals these cards through 16 different archetypes that describe an incredible amount of information about your life and your subconscious patterns.

Each reading brings new depth on the interpretation of your life cards or your Sphinx Blueprint. You can start with an overall reading to get a better understanding, and then go deeper into each reading to gain access to all aspects of your life.

“Sphinx Code is a tool for self-mastery. This sacred wisdom of ancient mystery and magic is available to you now"

Learn More about Yourself



Wisdom keeper personal reading goes deep into your Sphinx Code Blueprint and describes the intricate and unique dance of your subconscious architecture.

The personal reading usually consists of 6 readings that go deep into each part of your blueprint, so you gain a full understanding of how the map works.  This truly unlocks your full potential, as you will discover where you mental loops exist and how to break free from them.


Our expert team of wisdom keepers are here to help provide you with guided readings, bringing you deeper into the understanding of yourself, life and your relationships. As trained facilitators of the Sphinx Code, wisdom keepers are deeply initiated into the secrets of the Tarot, and mostly in how each archetype works with each other. They are trained to bring this knowledge to you and the world. There are different levels of expertise. Click to discover more about each wisdom keeper and then sign-up for your reading.



Our families are intricate parts of our psyche and gaining clarity towards the actual subconscious patterns of family interactions helps to liberate some of the tensions, while bringing more compassion, understanding and love. Understanding the patterns between each family member also brings clarity to the roles each plays within the family unit. A family reading provides great awareness of the different roles our parents played with each child, enabling old stories to dismantle and change towards more support. The family unit has it’s own unique energy which through the blueprint map, unveils the qualities that are being influenced on each member. Gaining understanding of the energy dynamics of each family member’s own relationship dynamics, as well as the overall family dynamics brings more authentic connection, and love to the entire family. With practical advice from the Wisdom Keeper, the reading helps to clear old patterns and brings new light on how to function better individually, in partnership, and as a whole family tribe.



The expression of our inner creative genius is reflected in how we show up in the world, and usually that is through our career or work path.  The Sphinx code career reading helps you align to your authentic expression of your own inner masculine.  It is through the blending of 6 archetypes that you gain access to the uniqueness of your subconscious architecture.  Through a reading, you gain clarity about your strengths, skills, intelligence, and patterns of behaviors that are aligned, compared to the ones that bring you into spirals of failure.  Each reading provides practical advice and tips to enhance your performance in expressing your true talents.  A career reading can help align you towards a better career path as well as help you enhance your current path.  Depending on your needs, a Career Reading brings you towards a more powerful expression of your true nature, your soul purpose, and provides you with practical advice on how to achieve more flow, abundance, and success.



Like the weather patterns, there is a transit system that changes everyday, bringing new archetypal subtle information through our subconscious patterning, influencing all of humanity.  Understanding these greater cycles and how they affect us personally helps us navigate our lives for big decisions like contracts, buying real estate, entering business relationships or partnerships, or even simply in our moods.  There are powerful days that shouldn’t be misused, versus other days where we need to adjust our behavior in order to deviate potential negative situations.  Understand your 3 months transit is a powerful tool towards navigating your life with more flow.<BR>



Our health is our deepest right as through our health we get to live our life in full potential. Using yoru sphinx code Blueprint, you gain depths into understanding of the causal aspect of what brings potential disease and discomfort. You will learn how certain plants and esential oils play a part in bringing your wellbeing to optimal state. Bringing homeostasis is key towards our health and wellbeing, and it is with preventative medicine that we can learn to find balance.



Intimacy is a very important part of our lives, from our sexual relationship to our intimate relationships with deep family and friends, but mostly it’s about how we perceive ourselves.  Intimate readings help us understand how we deal with our internal relationship to ourselves. It can be liberating to understand our sexual conditioning and helps us accept our sexual fantasy or higher expression.  Gaining wisdom in how we are intimate within relationships is probably one of the greatest teachings for our lives.

Whether you want to go deeper into your relationships or within your sexuality, an intimacy reading will help you gain tremendous clarity towards your character, traits, and behaviors within your intimate persona. 


Master keys are hidden archetypes in your chart, and they are keys to unlocking your full potential.  They provide deeper practical understanding and direction towards your fulfillment in this lifetime.  Through the Master keys, you gain new messages that help you achieve your mission and better harmonize  your transcendental path.  

Learn about your hidden keys to liberate your true essence by gaining valuable keys to unlock your code fully. Learn about the 4 keys and hidden keys that are available.


Get your Subconscious Architecture

By understanding your subconscious architecture, you gain valuable insight on your life's journey. What function, what character traits and behaviors are yours, and which are conditioned. With your free blueprint, you gain access to the wisdom and insight about your weaknesses and strengths, your ego, your exterior traits and intimate behaviors to help you get more connected to your true talents and deep essence. You can discover the blueprint and learn how to work on your blind spots and shadows so you can get out of the patterns and move towards your positive genetic expression and allow your true gifts to manifest into the world. This all comes in the form of 16 archetypes displayed on the Archetypal Blueprint.

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Get a Full PDF Booklet of your Blueprint for $97

Unlocking your full Archetypal Blueprint for $99 dollars can help you uncover all of your personality and access your transcendental path so that you can unlock your highest genetic expression. .Receive a 60-page reading online, revealing all of your being, with practical tips

* Learn to better navigate your life and allow your true essence to shine

* Elevate yourself by transforming your weaknesses and allowing your true gifts, talents, and innate genius to express itself into the world

* Access the reading online anytime, download the PDF or or Print it. Enrich your Life.


A Wisdom Keeper reading is a powerful transformational and deeply personal reading with a trained Sphinx Code Wisdom Keeper. Integrating the information of the Sphinx Blueprint, Wisdom Keepers intricately describe the different relationships that the archetypes have with each other, and can provide much more practical knowledge about navigating your relationships, career, and deeper expression of yourself. Enhance your life through the Wisdom Keeper readings.
Shadow Reading

Dive deeper into your wounds, shadow work, and learn how to transmute your weaknesses

Surface Reading

Receive your first reading that explores your entire code overview.

Soul Reading

Gain access to your light body, and your positive behaviors and traits, learn about your soul’s energy.

Harmonization Reading

Learn how to harmonize, heal, and transform your weaknesses and gain access to your light.

Soul Vision Reading

Gain clarity on your soul mission, purpose and how to achieve your greatness.

Interference Reading

Discover the hooks your soul gets triggered by and prevent loosing your higher potential.


Wisdom Keepers are initiated individuals that are here to help you go deeper into your readings. Browse below and meet our Wisdom Keepers. Choose one and select your reading to have a better and clearer understanding of your life.
Dr. Isabel Sharkar
Apprentice Wisdom Keeper

Dr. Isabel Sharkar is a powerful creator and integrative medicine doctor, that brings a healer’s natural guidance to her Sphinx Code readings.

David Newell
Original Wisdom Keeper

David Newell is the Founder of Inner Truth – an online platform for self discovery that helps people discover their true purpose, path, and power.

Jade Chloe Duhamel
Original Wisdom Keeper

Speaking three languages, and incorporating several cultures, Jade brings integrative vision into her readings.

Greg Kheel
Original Wisdom Keeper

Greg offers an intuitive approach of decoding the sphinx code into a digestible format that has practicality in life.

Victoria Ibar
Original Wisdom Keeper

Victoria Ibar – Original Wisdom Keeper. Victoria brings a wonderful joy to her readings, bringing her years of experience with different fitness coaching, as well as her plant medicine work. Victoria provides clear and instructive sessions.

Tina Grassi
Apprentice Wisdom Keeper

Tina is apprenticing as a medicine woman. She uses NLP, psychology, energy work and deep intuition to help people deepen their medicine journeys and to integrate their experiences into their daily lives.

Maryna Ihnatieva
Apprentice Wisdom Keeper

After investing 100’s of hours learning sphinx code and human design, through witnessing the shifts and impact this had on her community this naturally motivated Maryna to offer this professionally.

Vera Kirichenko
Apprentice Wisdom Keeper

Vera’s readings offer an individualized approach which aims to help identify and move through inhibiting emotions or traumas and guide you to finding your own personal power.

Manex Ibar
Master Wisdom Keeper

Manex Ibar is the founder of the Sphinx Code wisdom system, and a master Sphinx Code Wisdom Keeper. His readings masterfully weave the depth of the code to elevate and optimize people’s lives.

Mike Pinette
Apprentice Wisdom Keeper

Mike is an artist and wisdom keeper, holding the knowledge of the occult symbology of the archetypes. His vision brings depth to all his readings.

You Could Be Here
Apprentice Wisdom Keeper

Join the team and become a Wisdom Keeper!


I came to Sphinx Code because I had some problems in my private life. Greg created my personal Sphinx Blueprint and interpreted my life with such accuracy, especially concerning the issues I worried about. The reading gave me great insight on how to better deal with my issue, and so much more.  This system is so profound and I’m really considering becoming a Wisdom Keeper to enhance my practice.

Jenna Mackenzie

Jenna Mackenzie


I found my consultation with Manex more meaningful and useful than those provided by other systems. The way he synthesizes information from a variety of different sources provides a complete picture of possible answers.  I was amazed at the accuracy of the Sphinx Code, almost thinking he was using his psychic skills, but apparently not.  Sphinx Code is the new Astrology or Gene Keys.  It’s so practical and the images stick with you all day.  Super useful to remember your character.

Maya Gabriella

Maya Gabriella


As an experienced astrologer myself, I’m always interested in learning new codes.  Victoria was amazing, as she weaved astrological knowledge, with Human Design, and blew me away with the accuracy of the Sphinx Code.  It gave me a brand-new perspective on the problem areas. Moreover she did this with great insight, delicacy and clarity. I am very grateful for that.  I now know what my work ahead is.

Avery Mia

Avery Mia

Los Angeles

I came to a consultation, because I was puzzled with my current life situation and Manex truly blew my mind with the information from the Sphinx Code.  He gave me clear ways to develop myself and bring practical advice to my life. I have a plan of how to move ahead to avoid further problems. Some things he said became a much-needed insight for me.  It confirmed a lot of what I already knew but somehow hearing it in my chart gives me much more confidence.  Life Changing!!

Clara Jenkins

Clara Jenkins



.A 16-Week Personalized Course All About You
Dive deeper into the archetypes and your code Enter the mysteries of the Sphinx

Discover Your Inner Being, Begin the Sphinx Journey
A Sphinx Journey is a 16 week adventure into your personal archetypes. Each week a new archetype of your blueprint is revealed, providing you with videos that go deeper into the explanation of the position of the archetype, an explanation of the archetype and its meaning within that position. More reading information is revealed as well as meditations, exercises, and other contemplation's with each archetype.
The journey helps you unveil your inner workings, through the subconscious architecture of your mind.


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