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Begin the Path of Self-Mastery


Starting your journey with Sphinx Code to unveil your myth and awaken your magic? Welcome to the new wisdom system that will truly help you master your life by revealing your personality, your subconscious patterns, and psychology. With practical wisdom and tips, you can easily unlock your full genetic potential. Gain valuable insight into your patterns and hooks that lead you down your darker character traits, and learn how to identify them and stop them from activating, while you learn to transform your weakness into assets and strengths. Gain access to your harmonization key to learn how to transcend your shadow and gain access to your higher vibration and genetic expression. Learn about your soul mission and how to achieve it in this lifetime. Welcome to the sphinx code.

1. Get your free Chart
2. Unlock your code (100$) & become member
3. Get a Wisdom keeper Reading ($250-$750)
4. Take the Sphinx Journey ($550-$1500)
5. Become a Wisdom Keeper

Your Free Personal
Archetypal Blueprint®

«Awaken your myth and activate your magic!»

Start your mythical journey through the Sphinx Code by getting your free chart. With your Free chart, you gain access to 7 out of 16 archetypes, unveiling different parts of your personality. You will learn about your inner essence, your false personality or ego, your masculine embodied traits and behaviors, as well as you feminine embodied traits and behaviors, giving you a deeper understanding of your subconscious archeticture.


    Unlock Your
    Sphinx Code!

    «Awaken your myth and activate your magic!»

    Unlock your code and discover your higher evolution.  Get a 75 page PDF book about your whole subconscious architecture through a full description of your entire Archetypal Blueprint.  Get access to your evolved archetypes, your harmonization key and soul mission.  Gain more insights into your own code and learn to navigate your optimal potential.

    Get A Wisdom
    Keeper Reading!

    «Awaken your myth and activate your magic!»

    Book your personal wisdom keeper reading with one of our wisdom keepers and access deeper understanding through a live zoom or in person session.  Gain access to the magical dance between your Archetypes.  Get valuable practical advice to help guide your life towards better alignment.  Let a certified expert read your blueprint and guide you towards your personal hero’s journey, and awaken your myth.

    Take the
    Sphinx Journey

    «Awaken your myth and activate your magic!»

    Take the Sphinx Journey through 16 weeks of over 5 hours of videos describing your personal Archetypal Blueprint, with specific suggestions and meditations to help your master your subconscious and awaken your magic.  

    Become A
    Wisdom Keeper

    «become your myth & awaken others magic!»

    Enter the secret halls of the sphinx, and become initiated into the mystery school of the Wisdom Keepers.  Through 11 certification courses, you will gain mastery of the human conscious architecture and help your fellow humans evolve into their own alignment.  Gain incredible knowledge and wisdom about the Tarot and understand how the subconscious archetypes play together in harmony with the universe to create the world.  




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