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Certification II – Relationships

Started on May 31, 20239:00 - 18.303 days


Relationships are an indispensable aspect of our lives, from the ones with our parents, to then our friends, teachers, lovers and then children.  We learn about ourselves through relationships.  Often we don’t realize that each relationship we have with others creates a unique energy or dynamics, which we can see through the Sphinx Relationships charts.

 The relationship has it’s own chart which helps to identify different aspects of the connection.  The influence of the relationship has several aspects from the negative and positive feminine and masculine traits.  There is its own transcendental path that helps clarify what the relationships is asking of each individual.  And of course there are 12 different relationships that are available and that each have their own unique issues and gifts.  Relationships also awaken our intimate aspect and each chart goes into how each individual will be influenced by the demands of the relationships.






  • Learn how to interpret the 12 Relationship Types
  • Learn to read the Transcendental Keys & Mission of the relationship
  • Learn how to read the feminine and masculine influences in the chart
  • See how different relationship charts work and function
  • Gain access to the Relationship Modules
  • Save your relationships charts and bring them out later
  • Gain clarity on your own relationships

  • Activate deeper understanding of archetypal dynamics in positions and in behavior

In this course, you gain tremendous value as a wisdom keeper, because reading relationships is highly in demand.  Being able to help couples navigate their own relationship dynamics can bring much clarity towards the issues that are being lived.  Giving relationship readings helps clients get out of feeling like victims of their own partners, and get out of blaming or complaining about the relationship.  It helps bring deep understanding that the relationship itself has a certain energy that is manifesting through the couple, asking each person to rise to the occasion of specific behavioral traits.   This can bring much more harmony, compassion, and relationship success.  


Join the course and become a certified relationships wisdom keeper. 


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