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What is Sphinx Code

SPHINX CODE, is the science of subconscious architecture.  As a unique personal development technology algorithm and platform, Sphinx Code unveils the Archetypal Blueprint®  of personal and relationship subconscious archetypes. The Blueprint acts like a map to guide your evolutionary process towards activating your unique genius, your soulful relationships, and to live a legendary life.

Carl Jung, the psychologist, revealed that we humans all have a personal subconscious structure that defines our psyche or soul.  He became interested in archetypes and myths to understand how to diagnose this structure, and reveal the true essence of each individual.  The Sphinx Code takes Carl Jung’s work further, through the discovery of the archetypal blueprint using an algorithm based on birth information, that reveals your unique archetypal structure or your soul.

We as humans are programmed with subconscious patterns at birth and they play out through our parenting and cultural upbringing, creating our personalities. Yet, we all have a unique soul blueprint. The cultural programming, beliefs, and  karma can all be transmuted into balance using the Sphinx Code.


Sphinx Code is a new and unique proprietary system using an algorithm that combines birth dates and numerology with the ancient and advanced visual language of the Tarot’s 22 major Arcana and interpretations using the wisdom of the legendary Hermetic Emerald Tablets as well as the Kabbala. Sphinx Code unveils an incredibly vast amount of useful knowledge about individuals lives, enabling alignment and activation of personal empowerment.

Sphinx Code serves a powerful need in the personal growth industry providing deep, useful, practical, and personal guidance that is very real. With so much woo-woo and channeled information, Sphinx Code brings very powerfully real information that touches your being deeply, impacting direct changes in behavior from revelation. Then with clear guidance, Sphinx Code give you direct actions to take to being working on your lower shadow, or your negative traits, so that you can transmute and begin to shine your true purpose and potential. It’s easy to work on your shadow and learn to accept it when you know what it is. Sphinx Code reveals your shadow and light side so you can harmonize into a wholesome being and realize your full potential in this incarnation through this time in life. It is the point after all..

 The knowledge of our personal archetypes helps us accept our darkness and transform them into useful tools for manifestation, aligned to our personal empowerment. We hope to inspire you to join our team, helping us spread personal conscious awareness to the world.

The Founder


An active spiritual speaker, reputed ceremonial leader, and powerful business guide, Manex Ibar is a visionary guardian of Nature’s hidden secret wisdom & mysteries, guiding people towards their true nature and connection to Source awareness. Manex is a multi-talented spiritual scientist and entrepreneur of consciousness and sustainable life systems, guiding individuals and businesses towards optimization through a combination of modalities including Human Design, Energetics, Remote Viewing, Shamanism, Kabbala, and genetics. Born with clairvoyance abilities and heightened intuition, he is deeply invested in science, media, sound, nature, and spirituality. The breadth of his profession and studies allow him to travel the world, encountering many consciousnesses and cultures. Following his father’s footsteps, a renowned physicist, Manex graduated from NYU as a sound engineer with minors in physics & math, combining his love of music and science. In the digital audio field, Manex was sought after for his vision, leadership, and technical understanding.

The Magic Code


The Sphinx Code uses the Fibonacci sequence, that holds the key to how the Natural world is created, as well as your birth information to calculate your Archetypal Blueprint®, or your subconscious map, taking your birthdate through a series of numerological calculations tied to astrological calculations so you can learn about your life. The calculation itself is based on the Fibonacci sequence, understanding that everything that the divine manifests, is revealing this principle.  The Code also uses the Tarot’s Major Arcana (the secret mysteries) which are the incredible archetypes of the human consciousness.  The code truly regroups all knowledge, including Human Design, Gene Keys, all the Astrological systems and other personal information wisdoms.  The code is based on a powerful geometry that creates the world through powerful transitory cycles.

These transit cycles affect our birthing process, leaving imprints that structure our development cycles in the womb and define our subconscious architecture. These continuing transits also implicate our dance with the universe in a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly fashion, influencing thereby our reality.

The Code is a proprietary, owned and protected by Phi Code LLC. 


The Download


In 2011, Manex Ibar was introduced to two psychics in the Basque Country, in south France. Together, they questioned the origins of the Tarot and wondered why it had no real personalization system. What followed was a journey of channeling, dreams, visions and inspiration, exploring the depths of the system. During the next 10 years, Manex delved into the code, providing it as part of his “magic” during his spiritual guidance sessions with thousands of clients from around the world. He was able to refine and validate the system and it continues to evolve and grow in depth.  The download came from a certain consciousness called Toth, which said had created the Tarot originally from the original Emerald Tablets.  He told Manex and the psychics that the Tarot was an essential piece to understand human consciousness and the holographic field of Earth. The download happened for a week, and then continued for years, and continues even today with new information.  


Manex was brought to bring this out to the world, and as he dived deeper into the code, he began to download new information, bringing more details, information, and new understanding towards the powerful wisdom system.  He considers himself as a messenger to the code, helping humanity take advantage of this powerful tool to gain incredible understanding of each individual.


To the present day, Manex has initiated 10 new Wisdom Keepers that carry the knowledge. Together they work on refining, inspiring and documenting the Sphinx Code, as they introduce it into the world via digital media, personal readings and live events.

The Tarot Archetypes

The Sphinx Tarot has brought the ancient knowledge and the occult symbology of the major Arcana into a modern representation.  We plan on having multiple artists create new representations as the language of images brings us deep into the archetypal language of our subconscious mind.  Through the new images, we can connect to our subconscious and better understand our make up.

The Tarot is a mystery, and a key to the wisdom of the ages.  No one really knows where it comes from.  There are many theories, but no one really knows.  Some people say it comes from India, others from Egypt, and others from the evolved European families of Italy and France as a card game.  

The Tarot embodies symbolical presentations of universal ideas, behind which lie all the implicit of the human mind, and it is in this sense that they contain secret doctrine, which is the realization by the few of truths embedded in the consciousness of all.

The Sphinx Code Archetypes

Sphinx Code has developed two decks and is currently sponsoring the creation of a new deck by Mike Pinette. The First deck was created by artist Brynja Magnusson. Sphinx Code also has its own basic archetypal deck.

The goal is to sponsor 1 artist every 2 years to create a new series of Sphinx Archetypes, certified as a Sphinx Artist, so all the symbolic code remains in the art.

Brynja Magnusson Deck

Get your deck

The Company

Phi Code LLC, incorporated in 2018, is a Wyoming company that create technologies, events and media based on the exploitation of the Sphinx Code, licensed by its founder Manex Ibar.  Phi Code LLC, is a company dedicated to the creation of individualized mindfulness and spiritual technologies; derived from wisdom and practical self-empowering knowledge. We create information systems, technologies, experiences, and products that change the consciousness and awareness of those who choose to discover and interact with our creations.

Our first offering is called  SPHINX CODE – a proprietary algorithm for personal archetypes and personality identification.

The company is comprised of Founder Manex Ibar, CTO John Meany,  Creative Director Victoria Ibar, Writer Jade Dhumal and Community Director Greg Kheel. 

We are currently raising a total of $ 2.5 M, in order to finish the web site and app.  The marketing phase will begin mid 2022.For more information about the business, investment or co-productions within our life event space, please contact

The Mission & Vision


 To elevate individual and collective consciousness, empower individuals, and bring awareness of personal and shared subconscious patterns through exceptional educational media tools, live experiences, and beautiful natural products.  



To build a community that helps individuals raise awareness of their own personal subconscious archetypes (behaviors, beliefs, traits, and personality) and their relationships with others through a proprietary archetypal map that comes from our unique IP algorithm.

We aim to bring practical personal guidance that helps people grow, understand and make better personal decisions to live more authentically, joyfully, and with greater success.   Our driven community forms active links from the relationship matrix, creating dynamic bonds that hook social human behavior for meaningful experiences, connections, and advancement.

We aim to empower individuals by bringing them more clarity, joy, and success to their lives through a detailed description of their own subconscious patterning created by our algorithm.

The Readings

WisdomKeepers MainSphinx Code readings all start with the Archetypal Blueprint Map, seen in the image.  The map contain 16 archetype that define your life, unveiling your physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual behaviors, characteristics, and traits.


Due to the rich amount of knowledge that the Archetypal Blueprint provides, there are several readings possible. 


        1. Personal Reading

        2. Relationship Reading

        3. Transit Reading

        4. Business/Career Reading

        5.  Family Parenting Reading

        6.  Health & Wellness Reading

        7.   Intimacy Reading

        8.  Master Keys Reading

        9.  Bardos Reading


Each reading is done through a Wisdom Keeper that has been certified in that specific initiation and can bring that knowledge to your life.  Each reading contains meaningful aspects of how your Archetypes dance through you in different aspects of your life.  Enjoy your reading.


The Certifications

Sphinx Code certifications is an initiation into the knowledge and wisdom of the Sphinx.  It dives deep into practical and occult knowledge of the system, allowing for an individual to become a Wisdom Keeper, and bring this knowledge to others through readings.

There are 12 initiations and certifications.

        1. Initiation Certification

        2. Relationship Certification

        3. Global Transit  Certification

        4. Business Executive Certification

        5. Family & Parenting Certification

        6. Intimacy Certification

        7. Master Keys & Pathway Certification

        8. Plants & Health Certification

        9. Dimensional Chart Certifications

       10. Bardos Certification

        11. Master Certification

        12. Artist Symbolism Certification

The Wisdom Keepers

Wisdom Keepers are the initiates of the Sphinx Code. Having learned and gone through the certifications, they are holders of the sacred knowledge to guide individuals through a better understanding of their lives.  It is a great honor to be a Wisdom Keeper of this knowledge and also a great addition to any coach, doctor, therapist, or advisor that works with individuals and wants to bring valuable information to their clients.


To become a Wisdom Keeper, you must apply as it takes a certain type of personality that has the determination to be at service to humanity, to have integrity in ethics, have learned to meditate with still mind, and to dedicate themselves towards growth and evolution.

If you are interested in becoming a Wisdom Keeper of the Sphinx Code, please visit the OFFICIAL WISDOM KEEPERS.


Become a Wisdom Keeper


Learn more about becoming a wisdom keeper and apply to the Wisdom Keeper certifications.   Becoming a Wisdom Keeper is a privilege that will be given to individuals with a passion to help raise the consciousness of individuals and people around the planet.  Through a 2 week initiation into the 22 major archetypes, you gain powerful knowledge of the human experience.  You also learn how to give a reading of the Archetypal Blueprint, and launch your career or enhance your current practice to new levels of precision and guidance.

If you are interested in becoming a Wisdom Keeper of the Sphinx Code, please visit the OFFICIAL WISDOM KEEPERS.

The Mobile & Web App

The app unites like minded individuals that want to go deeper within their life journey. While accessing the knowledge of the Sphinx Code, it serves also as a communication interface between the individual and the community. Thanks to the the app, you can contemplate your archetypal architecture, gain important advice from the daily transits and learn more about your own code.

Their are three levels to membership:

  1. Free
  2. Member
  3. Wisdom Keeper

Each membership provides different levels of information. The free section introduces you to the Sphinx Code Blueprint and provides 4 out of the 16 archetypes. 

To unlock the full code and other features like the transits, you need to subscribe as a paying member.  As a paying member you also get access to other features and will also be able to print a full book of your own Sphinx Code.

The Wisdom Keepers membership provides a platform that allows you to create your own practice, giving readings, and becoming an officially certified practitioner. As a Wisdom Keeper you gain access to much deeper information, to a more robust tool set for readings, allowing you to guide people towards their own understanding of their Sphinx Code Blueprint. Different modules are available depending on your level of certification.


The Live Experience

The Live experience is being created behind the scenes, as a multimedia performance that goes through each major arcana or tarot archetype, with the Sphinx knowledge into a 22 song live performance.

We are working on creating each song and working through each performance with visual projections and moving artwork so that each of the Tarot’s Major Arcana come to life.

The show will almost be like an initiation into the depths of the psyche and ignite our imagination through performance.  

Like the Christian Dior’s house of Tarot, we will inspire this towards the magnificent.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us and leave us a message, as we’re always wanting to hear from you and how we may better serve you. The most efficient way is to send us an email with the form below.  If you wish to talk to someone please try a message first and if we’re available we’ll let you know. Thanks for visiting.



Phi Code LLC

1321 Upland Drive Suite 1647

77403 Houston, TX USA

Phone: +1 (917) 963-4778


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Sphinx Code is a modern personality engine, revealing your psyche, character, and transformational path towards self-mastery. Through a unique algorithm, Sphinx Code provides your Archetypal Blueprint™; a map of your personal subconscious and life story. It provides a framework for powerful contemplation into your life’s archetypal journey.  It is a map of your own, personal, Hero’s Journey, full of all of the challenges and triumphs you will experience in this incarnation. With your Sphinx Code,  travel through sixteen different areas that illustrate your subconscious architecture; and discover your personal destiny,  bringing deeper alignment, meaning, and purpose to your existence. 

Carl Jung’s work on the subconscious laid the foundation for understanding the role of the subconscious in shaping our behavior and attitudes, Joseph Campbell’s work on the hero’s journey provided a framework for understanding the universal patterns in myths, stories, and other narrative forms, and Manex Ibar’s work with the SphinxCode and the Archetypal blueprint can be seen as the next evolution in personal understanding and psychological development. 

The Sphinx Code’s unique Archetypal Blueprint provides a personalized map of the subconscious, which goes beyond understanding the collective unconscious and archetypes and provides a more detailed understanding of one’s own unique journey, providing guidance, practical advice, and clear transformation towards achieving one’s destiny. It is an integrative approach that combines different perspectives and understanding to provide a more holistic understanding of the self and the journey of the soul.

The Sphinx Code’s Archetypal Blueprint is a powerful tool for understanding oneself and others, and can provide valuable insights into one’s strengths, weaknesses, and potential for growth. Keep in mind that it’s only one perspective, and ultimately, the ultimate understanding of one’s journey is up to the individual.

The Sphinx Code can be seen as a powerful tool for analyzing the subconscious because it combines Jung and Campbell’s work, with the Fool’s Journey into different perspectives and understanding to provide a more holistic view of the self and the journey of the soul.

  • Tied to the Tarot’s archetypes: The Sphinx Code’s Archetypal Blueprint is based on the 16 archetypes that define your personality, from the 22 Major Arcana present in the collective unconscious, and provides valuable insights into the individual’s strengths, weaknesses, and potential for growth. The Tarot’s archetypes can be seen as symbols that represent different aspects of the psyche and by understanding the symbolism and meaning of each archetype, we can gain insight into the different stages of our own journey and our own subconscious.

  • Tied to the 22 amino acids: The Sphinx Code also ties the understanding of the subconscious with the understanding of the 22 amino acids and how they are related to the archetypal blueprint. The Sphinx Code’s approach is based on the understanding that the 22 amino acids are related to the archetypes, providing a more scientific approach to understanding the subconscious.

  • Personalized: The Sphinx Code’s Archetypal Blueprint provides a personalized map of the subconscious, guiding each individual towards their own unique soul journey. This makes it a powerful tool for understanding the unique journey of the individual, providing guidance, practical advice, and clear transformation towards achieving one’s destiny.

  • Integrative: The Sphinx Code is an integrative approach that combines different perspectives and understanding, such as the Tarot’s archetypes, the 22 amino acids, the Hero’s Journey and the Fool’s Journey, to provide a more holistic understanding of the self and the journey of the soul.Working with the archetypes through the lens of the major arcana, Sphinx Code reveals information that is practical, impactful, and highly specific to you, while aligning deeper personal contemplation, self-expression, and connection.  

 It is a community of individuals interested in deepening the human experience, explorers of the inner world and personal psyche.  It is also a mystery school bringing certification and initiation into the Archetypes and a history of different wisdom systems that include astrology, human design, the khabala, rhunes, the Tarot and makes sense of most myths and creation stories from around the world, unifying the occult path, to a unique personal journey.

Get your free Archetypal Blueprint®, and begin your path towards transformation.  Unlock your code, and go deeper with insights that are tailored to your personal transformation. Get a Wisdom Keeper Reading and discover the intricate dance between your archetypes to further develop your unique character. Then join the Journey, with a 16 week personalized video contemplation of your Archetypal Blueprint, and access the community resources.  Further, you can become a Wisdom Keeper and begin to provide accurate, precise and powerful information to clients, helping guide them into their highest alignment.

Welcome to the legend of you. We look forward to guiding you on your archetypal journey.


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