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Get your Subconscious Architecture

Unlock the mysteries of your subconscious mind and gain valuable insight into your life's journey with the Sphinx Code Archetypal Blueprint. This new personality system with its own unique algorithm, is designed to help you understand the intricate architecture of your psyche, your personality and how to transform into your higher genetic expression.

Discover the function, character traits, and behaviors that are uniquely yours, as well as those that have been conditioned. Get a deeper understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, your ego, and your intimate and exterior traits. tart to connect with your true talents and deep essence. You'll gain a better understanding of yourself and be able to express your soul's magic in new and exciting ways.

The Archetypal Blueprint contains 16 archetypes, each with its own unique insights and perspectives of your character. With this valuable tool, you'll be able to embark on an archetypal journey, discovering new aspects of yourself and exploring the world of archetypes. With your free Archetypal Blueprint, you unveil four archetypes that describe your inner essence, your conditioned ego, your external and intimate traits to begin your journey into your archetypes.

Get your free Archetypal Blueprint today!


Unlock Your Full Blueprint for $50

Unlock your full potential with the Sphinx Code Archetypal Blueprint. Get access to all 16 archetypes, each with a personalized and detailed description that unveils the entirety of your psyche.

By unlocking your full Archetypal Blueprint, you'll gain access to your personal transcendental path, allowing you to unlock your highest genetic expression. You'll learn to navigate your life more effectively and allow your true essence to shine.

Transform your weaknesses into strengths and unleash your innate genius to express itself into the world. With the ability to access the reading online anytime or print it as a book (coming soon), enrich your life with the wisdom and knowledge gained from your full Archetypal Blueprint.

Don't settle for a partial understanding of yourself - unlock your full Sphinx Code and start your journey towards self-discovery and personal growth. Get your full Archetypal Blueprint now.


Unveiling Your Personal Subconscious

Unlock the mysteries of your personality and discover your soul purpose with the Sphinx Code Archetypal Blueprint. This unique system reveals your mystical past, magical present, and visionary future, and outlines your heroic journey through life.

Your personal Archetypal Blueprint ignites your magical and mystical being to unlock your highest genetic expression, helping you activate your personal story and genius. Blending ancient knowledge from various esoteric, scientific, and metaphysical traditions, the Sphinx Code synthesizes wisdom into a practical tool for self-development, personal empowerment, and self-realization.

By generating a unique blueprint of your archetypes based on your birth information, the Sphinx Code gives you valuable insight into your energetic patterns, functions, behaviors, beliefs, and traits. Learning to navigate your archetypes through life and finding the point where free will and destiny intersect allows you to achieve mastery and remain balanced, centered, empowered, and aligned with your purpose and soul mission.

Experience the power of self-mastery with the Sphinx Code Archetypal Blueprint - sacred wisdom of ancient mystery and magic available to you now. Get your Archetypal Blueprint today.


I came to Sphinx Code because I had some problems in my private life. Greg created my personal Sphinx Blueprint and interpreted my life with such accuracy, especially concerning the issues I worried about. The reading gave me great insight on how to better deal with my issue, and so much more.  This system is so profound and I’m really considering becoming a Wisdom Keeper to enhance my practice.

Jenna Mackenzie

Jenna Mackenzie


I found my consultation with Manex more meaningful and useful than those provided by other systems. The way he synthesizes information from a variety of different sources provides a complete picture of possible answers.  I was amazed at the accuracy of the Sphinx Code, almost thinking he was using his psychic skills, but apparently not.  Sphinx Code is the new Astrology or Gene Keys.  It’s so practical and the images stick with you all day.  Super useful to remember your character.

Maya Gabriella

Maya Gabriella


As an experienced astrologer myself, I’m always interested in learning new codes.  Victoria was amazing, as she weaved astrological knowledge, with Human Design, and blew me away with the accuracy of the Sphinx Code.  It gave me a brand-new perspective on the problem areas. Moreover she did this with great insight, delicacy and clarity. I am very grateful for that.  I now know what my work ahead is.

Avery Mia

Avery Mia

Los Angeles

I came to a consultation, because I was puzzled with my current life situation and Manex truly blew my mind with the information from the Sphinx Code.  He gave me clear ways to develop myself and bring practical advice to my life. I have a plan of how to move ahead to avoid further problems. Some things he said became a much-needed insight for me.  It confirmed a lot of what I already knew but somehow hearing it in my chart gives me much more confidence.  Life Changing!!

Clara Jenkins

Clara Jenkins


Sphinx Code

the Science of Subconscious Architecture

Sphinx Code is a modern personality engine, revealing your psyche, character, and transformational path towards self-mastery. Through a unique algorithm, Sphinx Code provides your Archetypal Blueprint™; a map of your personal subconscious and life story. It provides a framework for powerful contemplation into your life’s archetypal journey.  It is a map of your own, personal, Hero’s Journey, full of all of the challenges and triumphs you will experience in this incarnation. With your Sphinx Code,  travel through sixteen different areas that illustrate your subconscious architecture; and discover your personal destiny,  bringing deeper alignment, meaning, and purpose to your existence. 

Carl Jung’s work on the subconscious laid the foundation for understanding the role of the subconscious in shaping our behavior and attitudes, Joseph Campbell’s work on the hero’s journey provided a framework for understanding the universal patterns in myths, stories, and other narrative forms, and Manex Ibar’s work with the SphinxCode and the Archetypal blueprint can be seen as the next evolution in personal understanding and psychological development. 

The Sphinx Code’s unique Archetypal Blueprint provides a personalized map of the subconscious, which goes beyond understanding the collective unconscious and archetypes and provides a more detailed understanding of one’s own unique journey, providing guidance, practical advice, and clear transformation towards achieving one’s destiny. It is an integrative approach that combines different perspectives and understanding to provide a more holistic understanding of the self and the journey of the soul.

The Sphinx Code’s Archetypal Blueprint is a powerful tool for understanding oneself and others, and can provide valuable insights into one’s strengths, weaknesses, and potential for growth. Keep in mind that it’s only one perspective, and ultimately, the ultimate understanding of one’s journey is up to the individual.

The Sphinx Code can be seen as a powerful tool for analyzing the subconscious because it combines Jung and Campbell’s work, with the Fool’s Journey into different perspectives and understanding to provide a more holistic view of the self and the journey of the soul.

  • Tied to the Tarot’s archetypes: The Sphinx Code’s Archetypal Blueprint is based on the 16 archetypes that define your personality, from the 22 Major Arcana present in the collective unconscious, and provides valuable insights into the individual’s strengths, weaknesses, and potential for growth. The Tarot’s archetypes can be seen as symbols that represent different aspects of the psyche and by understanding the symbolism and meaning of each archetype, we can gain insight into the different stages of our own journey and our own subconscious.

  • Tied to the 22 amino acids: The Sphinx Code also ties the understanding of the subconscious with the understanding of the 22 amino acids and how they are related to the archetypal blueprint. The Sphinx Code’s approach is based on the understanding that the 22 amino acids are related to the archetypes, providing a more scientific approach to understanding the subconscious.

  • Personalized: The Sphinx Code’s Archetypal Blueprint provides a personalized map of the subconscious, guiding each individual towards their own unique soul journey. This makes it a powerful tool for understanding the unique journey of the individual, providing guidance, practical advice, and clear transformation towards achieving one’s destiny.

  • Integrative: The Sphinx Code is an integrative approach that combines different perspectives and understanding, such as the Tarot’s archetypes, the 22 amino acids, the Hero’s Journey and the Fool’s Journey, to provide a more holistic understanding of the self and the journey of the soul.Working with the archetypes through the lens of the major arcana, Sphinx Code reveals information that is practical, impactful, and highly specific to you, while aligning deeper personal contemplation, self-expression, and connection.  

 It is a community of individuals interested in deepening the human experience, explorers of the inner world and personal psyche.  It is also a mystery school bringing certification and initiation into the Archetypes and a history of different wisdom systems that include astrology, human design, the khabala, rhunes, the Tarot and makes sense of most myths and creation stories from around the world, unifying the occult path, to a unique personal journey.

Get your free Archetypal Blueprint®, and begin your path towards transformation.  Unlock your code, and go deeper with insights that are tailored to your personal transformation. Get a Wisdom Keeper Reading and discover the intricate dance between your archetypes to further develop your unique character. Then join the Journey, with a 16 week personalized video contemplation of your Archetypal Blueprint, and access the community resources.  Further, you can become a Wisdom Keeper and begin to provide accurate, precise and powerful information to clients, helping guide them into their highest alignment.

Welcome to the legend of you. We look forward to guiding you on your archetypal journey.



A Wisdom Keeper reading is a powerful transformational and deeply personal reading with a trained Sphinx Code Wisdom Keeper. Integrating the information of the Sphinx Blueprint, Wisdom Keepers intricately describe the different relationships that the archetypes have with each other, and can provide much more practical knowledge about navigating your relationships, career, and deeper expression of yourself. Enhance your life through the Wisdom Keeper readings.

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Certified Sphinx Code Experts

Our expert team of wisdom keepers are here to help provide you with guided readings, bringing you deeper into the understanding of yourself, life and your relationships. As trained facilitators of the Sphinx Code, wisdom keepers are deeply initiated into the secrets of the Tarot, and mostly in how each archetype works with each other. They are trained to bring this knowledge to you and the world. There are different levels of expertise. Click to discover more about each wisdom keeper and then sign-up for your reading.

Dr. Isabel Sharkar
Initiate Wisdom Keeper

Dr. Isabel Sharkar is a powerful creator and integrative medicine doctor, that brings a healer’s natural guidance to her Sphinx Code readings.

David Newell
Original Wisdom Keeper

David Newell is the Founder of Inner Truth – an online platform for self discovery that helps people discover their true purpose, path, and power.

Jade Chloe Duhamel
Original Wisdom Keeper

Speaking three languages, and incorporating several cultures, Jade brings integrative vision into her readings.

Greg Kheel
Original Wisdom Keeper

Greg offers an intuitive approach of decoding the sphinx code into a digestible format that has practicality in life.

Victoria Ibar
Original Wisdom Keeper

Victoria Ibar – Original Wisdom Keeper. Victoria brings a wonderful joy to her readings, bringing her years of experience with different fitness coaching, as well as her plant medicine work. Victoria provides clear and instructive sessions.

Tina Grassi
Initiate Wisdom Keeper

Tina is apprenticing as a medicine woman. She uses NLP, psychology, energy work and deep intuition to help people deepen their medicine journeys and to integrate their experiences into their daily lives.

Maryna Ihnatieva
Initiate Wisdom Keeper

After investing 100’s of hours learning sphinx code and human design, through witnessing the shifts and impact this had on her community this naturally motivated Maryna to offer this professionally.

Vera Kirichenko
Initiate Wisdom Keeper

Vera’s readings offer an individualized approach which aims to help identify and move through inhibiting emotions or traumas and guide you to finding your own personal power.

Manex Ibar
Founding Wisdom Keeper

Manex Ibar is the founder of the Sphinx Code wisdom system, and a master Sphinx Code Wisdom Keeper. His readings masterfully weave the depth of the code to elevate and optimize people’s lives.

Mike Pinette
Initiate Wisdom Keeper

Mike is an artist and wisdom keeper, holding the knowledge of the occult symbology of the archetypes. His vision brings depth to all his readings.

Sonia Satra
Initiate Wisdom Keeper

Sonia Satra is a mindset and fitness thought leader and the former star of daytime dramas Guiding Light and One Life to Live. Using her NLP expertise, Sphinx Code readings, health coaching, fitness training and over 10,000 hours of acting time, Sonia specializes in personal transformation by integrating the mind, body, and emotion to create lasting change.

Arthur Magoulianiti
Initiate Wisdom Keeper

Arthur Magoulianiti’s driving principle is that we all deserve to have a life that we love, not just live in, and the best way to do that is through creating it. An author, speaker, executive coach and father, he brings practical advice to make your life better!

Johannes Eisenburger
Initiate Wisdom Keeper

Johannes is a powerful trauma healing coach and mystic that has gone through a near death experience as an initiation into spirit walking.

Clélia Mercier
Initiate Wisdom Keeper

Clelia comes from the world of performance as a dancer, and in order to achieve high performance level in the highly competitive arena, she began getting into Human Design and Sphinx Code to better understand the psyche and subconscious, and eventually began guiding others towards their highest performance.



An executive reading brings deep clarity towards the alignment of a business team, as well as individual career.


A relationship reading brings between two people and the energy dynamics


An intimacy reading is an important enhancement that allows for a deep understanding of how we relate to ourselves and to our sexuality.


Personal readings are deeply empowering self-development readings that go into the depth of your personality, character, and behavioral traits.


Learning the dynamics of a family is crucial to reach harmony in family.


A transit reading allows for us to understand the global cycles and daily patterns that influence our lives


A health reading brings clarity towards the best for our optimized health and wellness.

Master Keys

Master keys provides deeper insight into your Blueprint, revealing 5 master keys that help you achieve your highest potential.

Become a Wisdom Keeper


Apply to become a wisdom keeper. It takes deep patience and great attention to be in service to others. Please fill in the application form
and we’ll contact you for an interview.

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Certification – VI – Sex & Intimacy Readings
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Certification III – Global Transits
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Certification V – Family & Parenting
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