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Manex Ibar

Founding Wisdom Keeper
Address: Texas USA and Navarra Spain
Brief info

Manex Ibar is a globally recognized mystic, spiritual guide, and shaman to Doctors and leaders from around the world. As the founder of the Sphinx Code, he is bringing this knowledge to the world by teaching people about this wisdom system, bringing new depths of understanding to the human consciousness. As a recognized leader in conscious energetics, and known internationally for his expertise in; subconscious archetypes and patterning, his ability to bridge high-level concepts of spiritual consciousness with scientific methodology, and guidance for personal, and corporate enhancement, and optimization. Through 25 years of initiation into spiritual wisdom traditions and occult knowledge, and a 15 year professional practice in guiding individuals, Manex brings light, and practical tools, to solve complex situations that come with life, whether personal, relational, or career wise. As a reputed ceremonial master and workshop leader, Manex also publishes media on spiritual consciousness, subconscious energetics, shamanism, and the power of creativity as our human expansion. Sought after by global spiritual and business leaders for his vision, wisdom, practical techniques, creative solutions, and warm heartedness in hosting enriching experiences, Manex fluidly integrates his enlightened connection with Nature and Source for his clients benefits. He has taught at the College of Psychic studies in London, Nomade Tulum, Eselan in California, The Alchemist Kitchen NY, ABC Home NY, Pharmacy London, Urban Retreat London, the Assemblage in NY and in the Basque Pyrenees where he holds his landmark retreat Wisdom Quests ( He is a top rated author on the number 1 rated meditation app from mindvalley-soulvana and has been seen on major TV networks, Podcasts, and news stands.

His deep devotion to understanding the human experience in relationship to the universe and through many of the great spiritual traditions, Manex’s scientific and engineering mind brought him a new perspective early, becoming a bridge to cultures, spirit and science, creativity and technology, and conscious and subconscious awareness. Spending over 420 accumulative days in Nature by himself through a series of vision quest and shamanic initiations, having died in the pacific ocean and washed to be alive and initiated into throat singing by a whale, to being hit by lightning twice, Manex’s life is full of mystical initiations both by the 13 master teachers he follows and Nature. His deep love for Nature and the human experience on this planet brings his compassionate aspect to help bring new wisdom to the masses so that they too can enjoy and participate in the beauty and magic of life.

He seeks to bring spiritual and scientific concepts to the masses through easily understood language and practical experiences that can be adopted quickly. Having helped shift several terminal diseases, his conscious, subconscious, and energetic mastery and deep understanding of the human behavioral system in conjunction with practical experience provides powerful means of affecting change using the mind. He uses several advanced systems including Human Design, Gene Keys, Astrology, plant knowledge including his own botanical company Fréquence Botanicals ( and has developed his own wisdom system based on the ancient emerald tablets, the kybalion, kabhal, and the Tarot called Sphinx Code ( 

His offerings include working with him exclusively on a one-on-one basis, in groups, or through exclusive extended times, with the opportunity to select sessions remotely. Arise ( is Manex’s all-star program for self-improvement and self-awareness, where through 12 personal coaching sessions and a variety of personalized add-on experiences and meditations, clients go through a radical shift in understanding themselves profoundly, defining strategies for all aspects of your life to enhance them authentically to your personalized data, and push you into initiations that delve into profound life transformations. All his offering invoke a powerful life transformative experience that calls on the sacred to bring forth wholeness, healing and strengthen direct connection to inner spirit, for wisdom, creativity, love, and joy.

Manex's Offers

• Personal Readings

* Relationship Readings

* Transit Readings

* Business Executive Readings

* Family & Parenting Readings

* Intimacy & Sexuality Readings

* Master Key Readings

* Composite Chart Readings

Manex’s sessions cost $850-1250 per reading, where he his expertise unveils your deep essence.  Readings usually lasting about 1.5-2hours.

Packages available:

$ 2500 for 5×1 hour readings

$ 3250 for 5x 1.5 hour readings


A personal reading helps you go deep into your archetypal blueprint to understand each position and the archetype within each position.  You gain great insights on your profound being and psychological structures.  You gain access to your key for harmonization and your soul mission, with clear paths to achieve it in this lifetime.  Get your reading now and gain clarity and valuable time focusing on what is right for you, so that you can achieve your full potential.





A relationship between two individuals creates a third entity, the relationship, which the Sphinx Code identifies through the creation of a complimentary chart.  Reading the influence of each person on one another as well as the relationship’s identity, mission and harmony helps couples understand what their relationship is asking them to step into, transform, heal, and advance towards.  Relationships are everything!  Get your reading now.





ike the weather patterns, there is a transit system that changes everyday, bringing new archetypal subtle information through our subconscious patterning, influencing all of humanity. Understanding these greater cycles and how they affect us personally helps us navigate our lives for big decisions like contracts, buying real estate, entering business relationships or partnerships, or even simply navigating our moods. There are powerful days that shouldn’t be misused, versus other days where we need to adjust our behavior in order to deviate potential negative situations. Understanding your 3 months transit is a powerful tool towards navigating your life with more flow.




The expression of our inner creative genius is reflected in how we show up in the world, and usually that is through our career or work path. The Sphinx code career reading helps you align to the authentic expression of your own inner masculine. It is through the blending of 6 archetypes that you gain access to the uniqueness of your subconscious architecture. Through a reading, you gain clarity about your strengths, skills, intelligence, and patterns of behaviors that are aligned, compared to the ones that bring you into spirals of failure and frustration. Each reading provides practical advice and tips to enhance your performance in expressing your true talents. A career reading can help align you towards a better career path as well as help you enhance your current path. Depending on your needs, a Career Reading brings you towards a more powerful expression of your true nature, your soul purpose, and provides you with practical advice on how to achieve more flow, abundance, and success.  



Our families are intricate parts of our psyche and gaining clarity towards the actual subconscious patterns of family interactions helps to liberate some of the tensions, while bringing more compassion, understanding and love. Understanding the patterns between each family member also brings clarity to the roles each plays within the family unit. A family reading provides great awareness of the different roles each parents plays/played with each child, enabling old stories to dismantle and change towards more support. The family unit has it’s own unique energy which through the blueprint map, unveils the qualities that are being influenced for each member. Gaining understanding of the energy dynamics of each family member’s own relationship dynamics, as well as the overall family dynamics brings more authentic connection, and love to the entire family. With practical advice from the Wisdom Keeper, the reading helps to clear old patterns and brings new light on how to function better individually, in partnership, and as a whole family tribe.



Our health is our priority in order to function optimally. Our subconscious architecture dictates a lot of our health issues. Through the psychological blocks and archetypal structures, we run patterns that can limit our potential and even cause diseases that are preventable if you understand how to adjust and align your lifestyle accordingly. With a Health & Wellness reading, you gain a wealth of information concerning your health protocols, valuable tools and herbal remedies that help balance and harmonize your body and soul, allowing for your dynamic vitality to flourish.



Dr Vincent Despasquale
Dr Vincent Despasquale
Integrative Doctor
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There are people in this world that act the part and then there are people that when you are in their presence... there is no question where their heart is. Manex is definitely a special human. He is full of wisdom, speaks w love and compassion and is full of joy. Truly a conscious individual who walks the walk.

If you are serious about your spiritual journey then the sphinx code is a must. It gives you a road map to your higher self. He also provides the tools necessary to help you get there w a complete suite of products and programs. Can't say enough good things... i am truly grateful for having crossed your path brother!🙏 Dr Vincent Depasquale
Dr. Stephanie Manes
Dr. Stephanie Manes
Doctor in Psychology
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I am beyond grateful for the work I have done with Manex. He opened me up to an understanding of myself that had been otherwise unreachable. It went way beyond just psychological insight -- he has a way of weaving the threads of a story of an entire soul. He has a contagious playfulness and irreverence that lives alongside deep deep wisdom. He has made me laugh, cry, and feel complete awe in the face of infinite possibility. I will most definitely keep coming back!
Joni Madere - Holistic Coach
Joni Madere - Holistic Coach
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Before hearing what Manex says, his voice, his tone, immediately expresses wisdom that comes only from years in this life steeped in deep self-reflection, layered with diverse experiences that one can only truly gain with time, coupled with absolute commitment and a healthy sense of humor. It is from here, one can truly guide others to find their own way. I’m excited to see where my first session leads as it was validating in many ways along with a subtle lead-in to what’s next. The adventure continues! In gratitude, Joni.
Omar Aslam
Omar Aslam
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It was amazing meeting you last week. The amount of information and knowledge you provided is something I have never experienced and has made me feel at ease. I have yet to go through the human design or sphinx code in detail but I have had noticeable improvements in one week then that I had in 3 months with the last healer. I feel much more relaxed, the phobia I had for last couple decades of bad breath is nearly gone, maybe there were some blocks in my chakras? I don't know. I have yet to receive the oils and am looking forward to the effects. I just wanted to know if you have some Information to the mechanism behind your healing as I was totally unaware of the energy going through me, also I have become emotional with tears whilst practising gratitude for the first time and looking into my left eye in the mirror has made me cry often, maybe my heart is opening up? Amazing work!
Debra Atkinson - Author & Fitness Coach
Debra Atkinson - Author & Fitness Coach
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In my first session with Manex my whole life made a lot more sense. Things that had been puzzling me for decades fell into place. The result is a whole lot less chatter in my head and much more peace about being right where I am on purpose. I'm looking forward to using the wisdom from this and future sessions for better decision making and knowing how to optimize the way I work and live.
Anne Denck - Doctor of Psychology
Anne Denck - Doctor of Psychology
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After my first session with Manex magic happened. I started dancing, writing and painting again. I feel a new sense of joy, pleasure and cheerfulness. I know and understand myself so much better and that makes everything easy. Working with Manex is next level. I‘ve never witnessed such a profound change after one session. Deep gratefulness to you, Manex. To your unique wisdom and your immense capacity to see people and help them rise so generously. Anne
Laura  Pop Pink - Doctor in Psychology
Laura Pop Pink - Doctor in Psychology @laurapoppink
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Thank you soooooooo much!!!! Can't wait to do more good work together! Felt so seen and supported by you and feel full of JOY and HOPE and SPARKLY LOVE! Laura
Mark A.  - Dr. Network Chiropractor
Mark A. - Dr. Network Chiropractor@username
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I loved our reading! I love to be astonished and blown away when I meet someone like you! You have done your work, and the confidence in th Leigh is beautiful to witness. Thank you and much love to you!

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