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Certification III – Global Transits

Started on March 11, 20229:00 - 18.303 days

Transits and Global Cycles Certification brings a deeper knowledge to the code seeing it in action through the daily movements of the cycles of nature.  Each day, week, month and year provides a new energy called the Transits.  Each time has a different rhythm of activating certain archetypes that provide great depth of intricate dynamics. 

There are so many benefits of learning this system of transits as each day’s archetypal influence brings a lot of synchronicity if you are in tune, rather then not being in flow with the Universe. Having an understanding of how each archetype plays through the days, what specific energy and characteristics are activated with each archetype, you gain great insight into the way of Natural cycles.  We’ll look at the patterns of the 


  • Learn Each Archetype’s Meaning for Days
  • Learn Each Archetype’s Meaning for Weeks
  • Learn Each Archetype’s Meaning for Months
  • Learn Each Archetype’s Meaning for Years
  • Learn How To Read Charts within the Transits
  • Learn to Synchronize with Nature Patterns
  • Understand Deeper Cyclical Patterns of Individual Charts
  • Give Deeper Readings to Your Clients on Schedule Timings

Join the third certification and unlock the Transits tool to better understand your own charts transitions.  Learn how to read the different influences that are moving through your chart. Then take this knowledge to your clients, families, friends and bring new depths to the understanding of how life’s cycles bring new opportunities for us to grow. 

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