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David Newell

Original Wisdom Keeper
Address: United Kingdom
Brief info

David Newell is the Founder of Inner Truth - an online platform for self discovery that helps people discover their true purpose, path, and power. Each week on Inner Truth, he brings together the leading thinkers, speakers, and healers at the forefront of inner wellbeing to share life wisdom on how to cultivate more peace, purpose, and happiness. Recent guests include celebrated spiritual thinkers such as Ruby Warrington, Shaman Durek, Paul Selig, and Yung Pueblo.

David is dedicated to the transformation of human consciousness through online courses, events, talks, and has been featured several times in the British national press and on the BBC.

David's Offers

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A personal reading helps you go deep into your archetypal blueprint to understand each position and the archetype within each position.  You gain great insights on your profound being and psychological structures.  You gain access to your key for harmonization and your soul mission, with clear paths to achieve it in this lifetime.  Get your reading now and gain clarity and valuable time focusing on what is right for you, so that you can achieve your full potential.





A relationship between two individuals creates a third entity, the relationship, which the Sphinx Code identifies through the creation of a complimentary chart.  Reading the influence of each person on one another as well as the relationship’s identity, mission and harmony helps couples understand what their relationship is asking them to step into, transform, heal, and advance towards.  Relationships are everything!  Get your reading now.

As one of the Original Wisdom Keepers, David was privileged to have early access to information and created a short version of the Sphinx Code called DESTINY.  He guides you through a video journey on half your chart.  go check it out; ⁠⁠

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