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Maryna Ihnatieva

Initiate Wisdom Keeper
Address: Colorado, USA
Brief info

Maryna was born and raised in Ukraine. Her passion and love for cultivating connections and strong relationships with people inspired her to study language and communication at Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University. Upon completing school Maryna decided to leave Ukraine and come to the United States in search for her purpose. Maryna’s background ranges from healthcare to customer relations. Even though her career was moving upwards she felt deeply disconnected from it and herself. She then delved deep in yoga and meditation in search of finding her true essence. She taught yoga and meditation in a prominent studio in Washington, DC, as well as giving personal one-on-one sessions to her students. Though these modalities helped bring clarity to her life and opened up her intuitive gifts the biggest breakthrough came with understanding of Human Design and Sphinx Code systems.
These tools have helped her to self-realise and realign with her true essence and core beliefs.

She believes that the greatest gift you can give yourself is self awareness, recognizing when we truly understand our character, feelings, motives, and desires we can learn to live a more harmonious and authentic life; this is what she’s here to help people to discover. After investing 100’s of hours learning sphinx code and human design, through witnessing the shifts and impact this had on her community this naturally motivated Maryna to offer this professionally.

Maryna’s typical reading will begin at pointing to the deepest blocks and work her way up to helping one recognize their skills and talents. She uses understanding of human behaviors’ and different healing modalities to help people identify their hidden gifts. Through her own experience she has found the most beneficial way to put this knowledge into practice is to provide a safe container that allows people to feel accepted, vulnerable and supported in this journey of self actualization; doing so by means of coaching, yoga and mindfulness.

Initiate Wisdom Keeper

Maryna's Offers


A personal reading helps you go deep into your archetypal blueprint to understand each position and the archetype within each position.  You gain great insights on your profound being and psychological structures.  You gain access to your key for harmonization and your soul mission, with clear paths to achieve it in this lifetime.  Get your reading now and gain clarity and valuable time focusing on what is right for you, so that you can achieve your full potential.



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