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2022 – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2022 – A powerful year of The Lovers Archetype.


The Lovers is an archetype that we all love, as we all want to be lovers, or in love with Lovers :).  Yet the archetype is more complex.  It represents a young man, with two women and an angel above him.  One woman to his left, seems young and more pure or innocent, touching his heart.  The woman on his right, seems older maybe wiser, and she touches his shoulder, a gesture of slight manipulation.  The young man is faced with a choice, representing our daily choices that we must face in this dual existence, between good and evil, black and white, negative and positive, yin-yang, and hot or cold.  The angel cupid is there to remind us that we must follow our hearts.  Perhaps that leads us to one of the women, or perhaps not.  It is clear that this archetype is here to allow us to grow consciously aware of what is in our hearts.  It is there that we are the most centered, vulnerable and can become vehicles for our passion, our conscious evolution, and deeper meaningful connections with others through our authentic nature.   The lovers is full of life, loves a good adventure, and is like a teenager excited for the next experience, and almost bored with the previous one.  There is a constant flux of moods and indecisiveness can leave the Lovers perplexed, paralyzed, anxious and even depressed.   As soon as a decision is made, action can begin and there we remain in the present, in the pulse of the heart and in the wisdom of our fates.

A Lovers year has this powerful influence to bring each of us to truly make decisions, and choose what we stand for.  It can become stressful if we don’t know what we stand for, or worse if we haven’t thought of things through. Worse even is if we are still acting from a place of conditioning and programming from our cultural inherited values.  This is a year where our values will be tested, so that we can choose and take action towards our real passion, our true nature and live out our heart and soul’s desire.  It is a year which brings in stress and anxiety, as it is not stable, as love is transcendental and forcibly elevating us to grow, change, and expand our capacities.  It is a year where we will be tested through all aspects of our lives, to see whether we need to change our perception, or if we’ve had a change of heart towards a certain part of our life, that no longer fits us.  It is therefore time to make choices and let go of our past, to move towards our future.

The stress is that it is a transitional year, it is a passing year where action is mostly from making mental to heart based decisions.  It is not so much about building physical empires, or launching new ideas. This year is more focused on creating teams, managing resources, and learning to follow your passions, your heart and to connect on a heart or intentional level.  It’s time to get rid of the fluff or superficial relationships, material or situations that no longer serve your inner soul and true nature.  It is a year that will ask us to choose us.  And because of this, it’s a year of powerful healing.

There is a deep connection to the Lover’s archetype about getting out of victimization (blaming, complaining, being handicapped by the external world or situations) and learning to move through all of life’s challenges with a positive outlook and mostly using creativity to solve the problems.  It is a year where we are meant to move from impossible to possible, or incapable to capable, and slowly choosing rather than contemplating.  It is time to make choices and put them into action.

Often, during a Lover’s year, we will feel stuck in contemplation of our own moral compass.  Decisions might be difficult as they will present inner conflicts and paradoxes that we need resolved, individually and as a culture.  There can be a lot of passion on each side of the coin, and the polarity is meant to expand so that the Flux of energy becomes greater, allowing for more transformation and healing to happen.  Conflicts can arise quickly and catalyze into something much bigger than necessary.  Often it’s a result of not understanding that we are the same coin, just different faces.  This is a perfect year to create more division, and finally present the healing or unification.

If you are aligned with your soul mission and inner intentions, and you are following your heart and passion, this year can be very beneficial.  It is a year with a lightheartedness to it, as the angel cupid shines a straight forward path when following the heart.  Exciting new encounters and possibilities can arise, again creating choices. It is a time to truly set your intentions, your goals and learn to be disciplined and have boundaries to realize your passion.

Also, for many, Love is in the air and new encouters can mean Lovers appear whether you are single or attached.  It is a time of great heart opening, that can lead to high expectations and immature passions, leading to impulsive decisions that lead you astray and end up with broken hearts.  Be careful of impulsive behavior.  It is better to flip a coin then just wing it.  But it is really advices to follow your heart and do things that you haven’t done before.  Be like a teenager with curiosity driving his actions, exploring new heart opening experiences and daring to be courageous facing your fears.

The Lover’s year can be stressful, and yet full of love!.   The goal is to learn to trust your heart and to heal your heart, your relationships, and your love.  IT is a year to align you towards your true nature and your soul mission.

Have a beautiful year!

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