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Get your free Sphinx Code Archetypal Blueprint chart and discover yourself and your path to transcendence.  The new Sphinx Code readings are incredibly powerful at providing you with detailed information to help you unlock your subconscious patterns, so that you can begin to unwind them and decondition your upbringing and liberate your true power.  We are soul’s locked in a human incarnation process, and our education systems don’t give us the information to help us unlock our true genius, our innate power and inner gifts.

Welcome to the Sphinx Code where you will learn how your hero’s journey starts and ends.  You will learn about your trials through a clear path of transcendence so that you can advance in your life with real information that helps you ascend and unlock your true nature.  This knowledge was held by the Cathars and the Templars, as it was the Holy Grail of information to help us achieve our inner light within this incarnation.

  • Discovering your incarnation personality
  • Detect your personal conditioning
  • Learn how to navigate your external manifestation
  • Learn about your conditioned Ego
  • Gain access to your harmonization key
  • Discovering your Soul personality
  • Detect your false beliefs and programs
  • Learn how to navigate your relationships
  • Gain access to your Soul Mission
  • Learn about your positive environment

Your free Archetypal Blueprint® is your map towards liberating your true nature, your power, and your genius.  Through 16 different archetypes, you will gain access to your subconscious patterning and learn how to deprogram your inner conditioning.  Using the visual language, as well as text, you’ll understand why you behave in certain ways and learn how to change your behavior that was conditioned from your incarnation cycle (parents, circumstances, and environment).  You will have access to your false identity or ego that was created to attract the love you did not receive, as well as to protect yourself from the world that didn’t recognize you as you truly were.  

The Free chart gives you access to half your chart, where you learn your “shadow” side or the effects of your incarnation.  In order to liberate yourself and move towards transcendence or towards changing these patterns, the first step is to become aware of them.  Secondly,  you’ll need to unlock your code so that you can go further into your higher nature, your siddhic state, where you live with your highest genetic expression.  Start with the free chart to familiarize yourself with this knowledge and dive deeper by unlocking your code.  

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