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What is a Wisdom Keeper Reading?

Getting your Archetypal Blueprint read by a certified expert helps bring deep clarity towards how to navigate your map. It also gives practical tips to activate unique aspects of your personality so that you can realize your essence and soul mission.  

Each Wisdom Keeper has been certified to provide in-depth readings that identify the unique dance between archetypes, and describing particularities within your own psyche.  Sphinx Code readings help you understand yourself in a very unusual way, as each archetype’s story begins to resonate with aspects of your own personal life.  

The Sphinx Code Archetypal Blueprint gives you a clear path towards getting you out of your shadow, your wounds, and your loops, so that you can succeed in transcending yourself into your higher evolved genetic potential.  It is a clear way towards your own liberation from suffering, as well as your exalted state of being, enabling deep love, joy and resolve.  

Get your reading and begin your journey towards your self-realization.  Awaken your myth, by going through your dark knight of the soul moment, and enter your heroic journey with a map.  Learn how to overcome your own pitfalls and keep the course towards your own inner guiding light, your personal North Star.




  • Learn about your inner gifts
  • Understand your conditioned personality
  • Discover your key towards harmonization
  • Learn how to activate your healing of your relationships
  • Learn to activate your talents and career path for you
  • Discover your Soul Mission

A wisdom keeper reading of your Archetypal Blueprint is like having a captain and navigator guiding your boat towards smooth sailing, towards your final destination. Like a great friend that understands your psycho-emotional behavior and their root cause, you can speak freely to further activate your conscious awareness that helps you evolve.

 Access deeper level of contemplation towards your own inner psyche as you begin to understand your own subconscious architecture. Gain insights into your inner mechanics of your mind.  Align yourself towards your highest genetic expression through following your transcendental path.And finally begin to unleash your inner hero, your inner myth and innate magic to bring us wonder, enchantment, and joy.  

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