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Shaquile O’Neil – Celebrity Reading

Shaquile O'Neil is world known as an all-star basketball player, for the LA Lakers, and has grown into a powerful entrepreneur and exemplary leader for younger generations.  He is an example of a powerful Empress.   Listen to Shaq's short celebrity reading:   Shaquille O'Neal is a nice empress, which again shows a different variation and incorporation of…

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Certification – II – Relationships

The second certification course initiates you into the realms of relationships.  Learn to apply the secrets of the Sphinx Code archetypes, as they dance and interact with one another when there are two individuals. Discover how to interpret the energetics of the third entity that is created when two people come together, and how it…

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What is a Wisdom Keeper Reading?

You can now benefit from extensive personality analysis from a certified expert in sphinx code archetypal blueprint readings. Each Wisdom Keeper has been certified to give expert guidance in helping you achieve your highest potential through reading your archetypal blueprint.

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