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Go deeper into your personal revelation and development by unlocking your code and get full access to 60-90 pages of information  that unveils your code in its entirety.  You will gain access to your transcendental path, which gives you the way towards transformation.  You will gain access to all of your soul pyramid archetypes and learn how to heal your shadow and evolve your ego.  Get access to your higher genetic expression from your Soul Pyramid and gain access to your Soul Mission.

By Purchasing the unlocking of your code, you are investing in yourself and allowing for the transformation towards activating your highest potential.  Gain insights into how you can activate your innate gifts, your purpose, and learn how to heal your wounds from childhood with practical advice.  It’s not going to be easy, but at least you’ll have a clear path towards your personal liberation.  

You also gain access to the online version for a year, with a paid membership account, accessing your code and doing other people’s charts (like your family or friends and lovers).

For an additional cost, you can have your code printed in a book for you to keep forever.

  • Discovering your personality
  • Detecting possible daily troubles
  • Giving advice in love, relationships, or business
  • Providing better life understanding
  • Making predictions for the future
  • Activate your inner genius
  • Detect your Healing capacities
  • Bring Higher Genetic Expression into Action
  • Gain Clarity on your shadow work and harmonization
  • Gain the Keys towards your innate Wisdom

Unlocking your code provides you with all the information of your archetypal blueprint and access to the site for 1 year.  You gain knowledge through information, and once you begin to integrate your transcendental path, your transformation begins.  You will gain wisdom from your own innate gifts and talents, and activate your genius that is within you.  

Learn how to maneuver your negative patterns, beliefs, and behaviors that get your stuck in your negative cycles.  Learn how to activate your healing towards your own evolution so that you can shine your true light, and get your optimal state of being out in the world.  Learn about your innate gifts and purpose so that your inner child finally grows up and leads the role you were born to play.

You can choose to get your Archetypal Blueprint Code via a published personal book for an additional cost, delivered to your door and for you to keep forever, helping you achieve your highest potential.

Join now and unlock your code.

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