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Enter the Sphinx Code Journey and begin a 16 week personalized video course into your Archetypal Blueprint.  Discover yourself like never before.  

Each week the Journey reveals aspects of yourself through each archetype that is specific to your own personality.  Discover tricks, meditations, and peculiar behaviors of each archetype.  Learn to uncover the mysteries of your life.  Gain access to the archetypes that define you and begin your own hero’s journey.  

Through the 16 different positions of the Archetypal Blueprint, you have a map that can clearly guide you towards liberating your joy, your power, and your true gifts.   

Take the options of the 4 Wisdom Keeper readings to go even deeper and add to the journey. 

  • Discovering your personality
  • Detecting possible daily troubles
  • Giving advice in love, relationships, or business
  • Providing better life understanding
  • Making predictions for the future
  • 16 Week Video Personalized Course
  • 16 Unique Binaural Meditations taylored for you
  • Receive Many Practical tips to enhance your life
  • Go deeper into your own inner subconscious patterns
  • Learn how to clear limiting beliefs and behaviors.

Gain immediate access to one of the most powerful and influential courses online with 16 videos about your archetypes, 16 different meditations, and clear explanations of how you are activated subconsciously.  Understand your shadows so that you can begin the work and transcend your negative behaviors, while clearing your beliefs.  Activate your light and start attracting your perfect relationship, job, and liberate your inner genius towards the fully abundant life you were designed to live.

Gain valuable insights with the guidance of 4 Wisdom Keeper readings (optional add-on) and truly get practical advice to have shortcuts towards successfully activating yourself.

Get Your Archetypal Blueprint Explained in VIDEO with Additional Meditations per Archetype

Interact with your Archetypal Blueprint, and learn what each position represents through a 5-10min video explanation.  Then discover your personal archetype within that position through a 10-20minute video explanation.  Each week you’ll receive personalized suggestions and a meditation to help you release the negative shadow frequencies of each archetype, helping you manifest the positive expressions.  

After the 16 weeks, your archetypal blueprint is fully unlocked with videos, personalized suggestions and meditations to help you master your subconscious patterns.

 Gain invaluable insights, practical tips, and personal understanding to unlock your heroic journey.  Through the Sphinx’s sacred halls of wisdom, your myth awakens and you empower yourself with your unique gift, power or magic.

Join the journey and awaken your myth.






       The Map describes the 16 positions.  First you see the bottom incarnation pyramid in grey.  Then the Soul Pyramid in gold, as the upper and more light side of your being.  You see the vehicle on the left that looks like a diamond.  This consists of your boat per se.  It is where you are in your vehicle with the left side being your feminine archetypes, and the right side your masculine archetypes.  Inside in the middle, always doubled is your inner essence.  To the right is your transpersonal path, which helps you go further into your evolution, as a clear directive path of how to transmute your suffering so that you can express you sidhic level of being.

The 16 weeks line up with the map, so that each week you’ll discover a new part of the map, helping you learn to navigate your entire Archetypal Blueprint Map.  The 16 weeks goes as follows:

Month 1
  1.  Inner Essence & Inner Child
  2.  False Ego Personality
  3.  Masculine Expression and Physical Traits
  4.  Masculine Talents and Skills and Intellectual Abilities
Month 2
  1. Femine Expression and Relationship Traits
  2. Femine Behaviors and Internal Behavior
  3. Environment, Family Vibe, and Social Scene
  4. Harmonization Key and Transcendental Archetype
Month 3
  1. Inner Soul Essence & Gift
  2. Evolved Ego Personality & Maturity
  3. Evolved Soul Expression & Physical Attributes
  4. Evolved Soul Behaviors, Skills, and Talents
Month 4
  1. Evolved Femine Relationship Traits
  2. Evolved Feminine Relationship Behaviors and 
  3. Evolved Environments, Social Scene, and Family Vibe
  4. Soul Mission and Purpose.

          Going through your journey takes 4 months.  This may seem long, but to truly understand all aspects of your subconscious, this is a relatively short time.  We know well known and award clinical  psychologist who have said “you’ve done in 1.5 hours what took me 10 years, and perhaps more eloquently put then I could”.  The journey is worth it.  Take each week as a moment to really reflect on teach aspect of yourself, and reflect upon the archetype.  The journey reveals several different tools, meditations, music, and poetry that inspire deeper meaning into each archetype, to take you into new realms of exploring yourself.



Digital Video Archetypal Blueprint
$ 850
one time
  • Full Archetypal Blueprint PDF
  • 32 Video Descriptions
  • 16 Meditations


Wisdom Keeper Sessions
$ 1,850
one time fee
  • Full Archetypal Blueprint PDF & Videos
  • 4 Wisdom Keeper Readings (90min each)
  • Videos & Meditations

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