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What is a Wisdom Keeper:

A Sphinx Code Wisdom Keeper is a person who has gone through the initiation and certification training, allowing him or her to read a Sphinx Code Archetypal Blueprint and provide valuable information about someones subconscious architecture. While going through different levels of certification, a Wisdom Keeper gains deeper knowledge and holds more readings, which is reflected by the price. A minimum 100 guided sessions is in any way required from each Wisdom Keeper so as to master chart readings.

Being a Wisdom Keeper is a powerful role that is taken seriously, implicating a lot of self work in order to provide meaningful readings to others. At Sphinx Code, we take great care in choosing the right people and training the Wisdom Keepers to a high level as for the readings to be profound, touching and elevating. Being a Sphinx Code Wisdom Keeper is a privileged role that requires tact, subtlety and deep compassion, as well as enthusiasm for life. Adding the Sphinx Code to a knowledge base is a great opportunity for every practitioner, doctor, guide, coach or other service oriented careers working with people.