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Begin Your Inner Journey

           The Sphinx Code Journey is an invitation  into a very personal journey, an exploration of the architecture of your subconscious mind through the archetypes that govern certain aspects of your personality. Going through this journey allows you to examine and see your true nature, in the sense of both, seeing the wounds, and the beauty that you carry throughout your life. As each archetype reveals its full colors, you gain access to knowledge so that you can activate your higher expression. 

            Your Archetypal Blueprint acts like a map of your life’s journey, indicating a direct path of helping you move through wounds in an aligned way with nature’s intelligence.  With the map, you gain practical steps and advice to remain aligned with your highest potential. Through your archetypal architecture of your subconscious mind, you become consciously aware, as you start excelling by accessing and activating your own personal flow so that you can truly thrive and move through this life in harmony with love and success.  This then allows for your inner gift to come out into the world.


           The Sphinx Code Journey is a 16 week personalized video course that can radically influence your life towards liberation, mastery and true happiness.



16 Week Video Course

 The Journey consists of 16 weeks where each week, you’re going to go through one of your archetypes that describes a certain and specific aspect of your personality. There’s 16 different aspects to your being in the structure of your subconscious mind. You’re going to go through your ego, your masculine expression, your physical expression, you’re going to go through your intellectual behaviors, and your skill set, and talents, you’re going to go into your inner nature, you’re going to go into your intimate traits, and then your behavior with yourself and others intimately, you’re going to go through your negative environments and so your family’s programming, and then you’re going to go into the harmonization, moving you up into your transformation, so that you can evolve your ego personality, evolve your masculine traits and your feminine traits and evolve your relationships, evolve your career and move into more appropriate environments for you where you can excel so that you can access your gift and finally, your soul mission. 

Each week will reveal a new archetype that is specific to you so that you can unveil your subconscious architecture. Then each week, a new video describing the characteristics of this archetype, the behaviors. The belief systems, the traps and the loops. And the beauty of that archetype, will be revealed and handed to you, for your contemplation, with a specific meditation. You can go deep into the pondering of this archetype, so that you can see how it plays out in your life, and you can start observing it, which will naturally help you heal it, understand it, and master it. This is the point of the journey for you to become a master of yourself with the proper information. This can be done easily. And with the different skills are tools that we provide for your deeper contemplation. You can become that star that you are because you have a true map, the Archetypal Blueprint.

welcome to the Sphinx journey.


Digital Journey
The Journey
Gain access to the 16 week course, with full video descriptions, meditations, practical tips and more.
Begin Your Journey
Full Journey
Wisdom Keeper
Gain access to the full video course as well as 4 Wisdom Keeper readings to enhance your journey
Begin Your Guided Journey

16 Week Course Description

       The Map describes the 16 positions.  First you see the bottom incarnation pyramid in grey.  Then the Soul Pyramid in gold, as the upper and more light side of your being.  You see the vehicle on the left that looks like a diamond.  This consists of your boat per se.  It is where you are in your vehicle with the left side being your feminine archetypes, and the right side your masculine archetypes.  Inside in the middle, always doubled is your inner essence.  To the right is your transpersonal path, which helps you go further into your evolution, as a clear directive path of how to transmute your suffering so that you can express you sidhic level of being.

The 16 weeks line up with the map, so that each week you’ll discover a new part of the map, helping you learn to navigate your entire Archetypal Blueprint Map.  The 16 weeks goes as follows:

Month 1
  1.  Inner Essence & Inner Child
  2.  False Ego Personality
  3.  Masculine Expression and Physical Traits
  4.  Masculine Talents and Skills and Intellectual Abilities
Month 2
  1. Femine Expression and Relationship Traits
  2. Femine Behaviors and Internal Behavior
  3. Environment, Family Vibe, and Social Scene
  4. Harmonization Key and Transcendental Archetype
Month 3
  1. Inner Soul Essence & Gift
  2. Evolved Ego Personality & Maturity
  3. Evolved Soul Expression & Physical Attributes
  4. Evolved Soul Behaviors, Skills, and Talents
Month 4
  1. Evolved Femine Relationship Traits
  2. Evolved Feminine Relationship Behaviors and 
  3. Evolved Environments, Social Scene, and Family Vibe
  4. Soul Mission and Purpose.

          Going through your journey takes 4 months.  This may seem long, but to truly understand all aspects of your subconscious, this is a relatively short time.  We know well known and award clinical  psychologist who have said “you’ve done in 1.5 hours what took me 10 years, and perhaps more eloquently put then I could”.  The journey is worth it.  Take each week as a moment to really reflect on teach aspect of yourself, and reflect upon the archetype.  The journey reveals several different tools, meditations, music, and poetry that inspire deeper meaning into each archetype, to take you into new realms of exploring yourself.


Get Your Archetypal Blueprint Explained in VIDEO with Additional Meditations per Archetype

Interact with your Archetypal Blueprint, and learn what each position represents through a 5-10min video explanation.  Then discover your personal archetype within that position through a 10-20minute video explanation.  Each week you’ll receive personalized suggestions and a meditation to help you release the negative shadow frequencies of each archetype, helping you manifest the positive expressions.  

After the 16 weeks, your archetypal blueprint is fully unlocked with videos, personalized suggestions and meditations to help you master your subconscious patterns.

 Gain invaluable insights, practical tips, and personal understanding to unlock your heroic journey.  Through the Sphinx’s sacred halls of wisdom, your myth awakens and you empower yourself with your unique gift, power or magic.

Join the journey and awaken your myth.






4 Master Keys

       The Master Keys are hidden keys within your Sphinx Code.  They are powerful additional archetypes that help you achieve your Transcendental Path or your alignment to liberation from falling into your shadow.  4 additional weeks bring you this deep knowledge to help you achieve your success.


  1. Towards your Harmonization – an additional archetype that helps you move towards your harmonization key.  This archetype shows you how to go through your harmonization with more clarity.


  1. Towards your Inner Essence – an additional archetype that helps you bring your harmonization key into practical use to gain access to the magic of your inner essence.


  1. Towards your Ego’s Transformation – an additional archetype that helps you bring deep transformation of your ego, the false personality that is projected. 


  1. Towards your Soul Mission – an additional archetype that helps you bring deep alignment towards your soul mission.  Gives you bigger precision on how to activate your Soul Purpose.

         Going through your journey takes a lot of patience and hard work to overcome your shadow.  These keys are helpful guides towards bringing you through the work, guiding your actions so that you can more easily enter your magic.




- The Master Keys option is not yet available. We are working behind the scenes to make it available asap!

Get 4 Wisdom Keeper Readings

       Go deeper and interact with your Sphinx Journey, using the expert guidance of a Wisdom Keeper.  Pick one of our wisdom keepers to guide you through your Sphinx Journey, with 4 different reading zoom calls after every month, to go deeper and review your understanding.  Wisdom Keepers reveal new depths of information and provide new levels of practical advice, tips, tricks and things you can apply in your life for rapid integration.  

Wisdom Keepers are trained to bring you out of your current blind-spots and navigate your loops that are playing against your.  They bring clarity to difficulties so that you can then recognize the pattern while it’s happening and choose to change the actions.  This truly bring healing, and fast paced integration so that you can begin to thrive in your life, by expressing your true potential, and what you were designed to be.  Learn about your light, your gifts, your true nature that is waiting for you to bring it forth into the world.   Go the depth and take the Wisdom Keeper Uplevel option and truly invest in your life! 


Digital Journey
The Journey
Gain access to the 16 week course, with full video descriptions, meditations, practical tips and more.
Begin Your Journey
Full Journey
Wisdom Keeper
Gain access to the full video course as well as 4 Wisdom Keeper readings to enhance your journey
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