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The Archetypal Influence of the Month

The High Priestess symbolizes the sacred heart of nature; the eternal wisdom of the matrix, that creates this world.  She is the holder of the secrets, attached to the Akashic Records, or the library of all things, of all times. She is the guardian of the silence, prayers, and  whispers of the heavens; the internal worlds that inhabit our souls.  She is the keeper  of the veil of reality, as she pierces, and suggests for us to do the same, to find our sacredness inside of our hearts, and be guided by that mysterious essence of love.  She awakens us from the spell of the Magician, bringing us deep into the initiation of the sacred feminine, the power of creative gestation.   

          So this month, we are fully going deeper into the reigns of the Sacred High Priestess.  We will be influenced with greater vision, creativity, and incredible revelations if we dare go inwards.  The High Priestess is guiding us to listen to our inner voice, the love that is in our hearts, and to contemplate our life, so that we can gain clarity of intention.  It is not yet about action, but rather a contemplation of what makes our heart full.   What brings us warmth from within, what makes us feel honorable, aligned with our highest expression, and in a generous mood?  Who are the friends and people that enliven us by their presence, and make us drop into our hearts? Are we doing things with heart and soul, or are we in the superficial motion of it all?   The High priestess wants to guide us towards our sacred life, and to make sure we nourish our souls.

          The month of February was known as a difficult month as it was a time of the coldest weather, and the food had usually run out.  It was a time of fasting and staying warm, remaining slow, and meditative.  It was a time to go within, and really evaluate what we were looking forwards to in the Spring.  How did we want to act in the year to come?  Our western civilization celebrates the new year in the middle of nature cycles, where as nature births it’s new year near March 21st for the Spring Equinox.  This is truly how our subconscious is wired.  The month of February is for going deep into our inner world, and for focusing deeply on what is sacred to us.

          It’s a month to be family oriented, to spend time doing things we love, with people we love.  It is a time to be playful with nature, with the snow of the North, or the summer of the South. It is time  to allow our hearts to expand, and laugh out loud.  It’s a time to enjoy nature and its wonder.  Whether in the snowy mountains or on a beach, this time is for relaxing and creating room to do some internal maintenance. Check in with your guides, have a little board meeting to see if you’re on track with your soul’s mission.

          There is an aspect of the High Priestess that is connected to vision.  She has visionary powers, seeing in the dark or where  others have not yet seen. There is a prophetic aspect about the High Priestess.  You may awaken your own psychic powers to see things from a different perspective, or perhaps see a vision in your dreams; or allow yourself to envision your year, if not your future, as you may get a glimpse.  This is a moment where you can have certain revelations about yourself, about your entourage, and even the world.  It is often a time to recalibrate and assess your own discernments, and review your acquaintances.  It is a wonderful time to really evaluate what, and who, is working for your life.  

          In the  negative aspect, there can be a lot of judgment that is clouting your vision. Perhaps there is a pessimistic undertone to your mood that comes from being tired, cold, and bored.  There is something brewing inside, and yet it’s not clear, so we can get frustrated, and judge our situation harsher then it really is. When the High Priestess closes her heart, she can be vicious and mean.  There is a part of ourselves that wants to criticize for improvement, but if it gets too personal and the inner critique awakens within, we can unleash our insecurities.  There can be a lot of suffering about not being perfect, not being sacred enough, nor being worthy, among many other criticism which come to the surface. There can be a suffocating amount of mental analysis and activity that can keep us going in circles in our heads, as we paralyze ourselves from taking action.   Though it is a month of contemplation and gestating new ideas, there is also a need to go out and be inspired by nature.  Get out of your head, and go for a walk outside.   Breathe in the sacred prana from the air.  Get inspired and inspirited.

         It is a real month of going deeper into meaningful connections, deeper into sentiments and sensuality, as well as envisioning your life through your highest perspective.  What is it you are here for, and how are you moving yourself towards attaining that vision? It is a time of nurturing, and maybe even changing your habits, your diet, and your relationship to your own body.  Our bodies are the temples our soul inhabits during this lifetime.  It is for us to nurture its uniqueness, and learn to love ourselves as we are.

         This month, all spiritual, self-improvement, and relationship issues are being highlighted.  The month is all about the heart, love, and our deeper bonds.   It is a time to do spiritual work, start or deepen your meditation practice.  Perhaps it’s a time to have a ceremony, either during the new moon, or full moon.  

         In a way, to conclude, the High Priestess is asking us to learn to live with our heart, and to remain grounded in nature, rather than the Illusions of the Magician, that may have brought in some incredible new ideas and magic.  The High Priestess asks us to enter the sacred within, the divine essence of spirit.  She guides us to wander into the spiritual domains that enliven our heartfelt nature, our innocence, and our sense of wonder.

Enjoy your Month of February – and let the sacred heart reign your life!


Read Your Monthly Archetypal Guidance For Your Inner Essence

Every month, the archetypal influence changes and affects each of the inner essences differently. The global transits, or the archetypal dance, changes through several cycles. we track daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Each day affects each of us differently, activating aspects of us or not. Follow your archetypal guidance and learn to flow with universal cycles.


Your Inner Essence

The Magician


The High Priestess


The Empress


The Emperor


The High Priest


The Lovers


The Chariot


The Justice


The Hermit


The Wheel of Fortune


The Force


The Hanged Man


What Is An Archetype?

An archetype is a symbol, a form, or a concept of our subconscious mind that is defined or understood by all humans, regardless of culture or tradition. It is like a building block of the architecture of our subconscious minds. The Sphinx Code helps to create a unique individual map of our subconscious architecture, through 16 positions each with one of 22 archetypes. This creates a personality profile, to help you realize your own psychology and actually transcend your shadow, wounded, and negative behaviors into positive attributes that can help you achieve you life mission.

Tarot &
Archetypal Psychology?

The Meaning of the Code

The Tarot is a great mystery in terms of its true history.  It is amongst the most prominent surviving esoteric centerpiece of spirituality.  It’s depth and mystical nature, awakens wonder and a certain air of magic.  Used as a game or divination tool, the Tarot is much more.  Through the proper initiation, the Sphinx Code reveals your subconscious architecture and your true nature, through a map, the archetypal blueprint, to your own personality.  Discovering even one of your archetypes, like your inner essence, can help you understand yourself better.  Learning your entire chart, provides a clear picture of your being. 


I came to Sphinx Code because I had some problems in my private life. Greg created my personal Sphinx Blueprint and interpreted my life with such accuracy, especially concerning the issues I worried about. The reading gave me great insight on how to better deal with my issue, and so much more.  This system is so profound and I’m really considering becoming a Wisdom Keeper to enhance my practice.

Jenna Mackenzie

Jenna Mackenzie


I found my consultation with Manex more meaningful and useful than those provided by other systems. The way he synthesizes information from a variety of different sources provides a complete picture of possible answers.  I was amazed at the accuracy of the Sphinx Code, almost thinking he was using his psychic skills, but apparently not.  Sphinx Code is the new Astrology or Gene Keys.  It’s so practical and the images stick with you all day.  Super useful to remember your character.

Maya Gabriella

Maya Gabriella


As an experienced astrologer myself, I’m always interested in learning new codes.  Victoria was amazing, as she weaved astrological knowledge, with Human Design, and blew me away with the accuracy of the Sphinx Code.  It gave me a brand-new perspective on the problem areas. Moreover she did this with great insight, delicacy and clarity. I am very grateful for that.  I now know what my work ahead is.

Avery Mia

Avery Mia

Los Angeles

I came to a consultation, because I was puzzled with my current life situation and Manex truly blew my mind with the information from the Sphinx Code.  He gave me clear ways to develop myself and bring practical advice to my life. I have a plan of how to move ahead to avoid further problems. Some things he said became a much-needed insight for me.  It confirmed a lot of what I already knew but somehow hearing it in my chart gives me much more confidence.  Life Changing!!

Clara Jenkins

Clara Jenkins




The Magician is the youthful energy of excitement, passion, and beginner’s luck.  The Magician is a showman and natural people person.  He is here to learn stability, by focusing on his joy and his inner passions, realizing his creative potential.  He is magical and well loved, eventhcugh often he is insecure in his body, and can also lack self-confidence.  With that, there can come an over-excitement that borders of ego, or worse narcissism, where all of the magic disappears into misery and depression.  It is key to always refine yourself and go towards making your dreams come true.  Don’t be afraid to speak in front of a crowd, actually get good at it, and bring your magic and wonder.


For this month, on a positive note, you feel stable and confident to express your magic and talents. For business, there can be more opportunities and socializing, to make new deals and generate leads. For love, there can be a spontaneous meeting (especially for male Magicians), with an individual who may be more mature, helping to teach you something new. This chance meeting may even be to begin a family and have a baby. For all of them though, this is a good time to cultivate your creativity, and so its about choosing to be disciplined in joy of expression, whatever that is. Negatively, you may feel a lot of judgment if you are out of alignment, possibly even some shame, guilt, or a lack of empowerment, and privacy. So you need to create space to allow your unique creative talents to express themselves, and find stability in that. Making music or playing music this month can aid this process.



The High Priestess


The High Priestess is highly intuitive and connected to the sacred, to the highest spiritual values of Nature’s intelligence and the sacred heart.  The High Priestess is here to bring us into the meditative process of discovering the sacred heart, the secret of the internal world of our Souls.  It is in the sacredness of all things that she exists and finds herself the one that holds the high standards that brings the sacred into our lives, ceremony, and celebration. She is the inspiration, the inspired spirit whispered in our thoughts.  The High Priestess is the way of the sacred, the invisible, and the Holy.


For this month, there’s a push of going external rather and inward, and to really start communicating and inspiring others. It’s a bit uncomfortable because there is a focus on the social expectations, and how to present and conduct yourself. There is a feeling of your feathers being ruffled. You feel the calling of the social world needing you, yet you aren’t quite ready, so there is this feeling of chaos, and a rush to organize your expression out into the world. The positive energy of the month is the ability to express yourself in a new way, a rebirthing, like a diamond made under pressure. While in the negative, the feeling of disorder and discomfort dominates. There will be a desire to flee, to escape, the social pressure that is building and asking for your outward expression. The need for travel exists, but best to stay focus and grounded. Feel it all and come into the inspiration that is generated from the chaos. Transform it, and then express it.


The Empress


As The Empress, you are here to master communication and become a patron of a community.  The Empress represents the Cult and needs to cultivate herself to be knowledgeable about all the Arts (fine, healing, and practical)) as well as philosophy, science, medicine and spirituality.  From the long research and education, she can then masterfully communicate and organize a community to become the patron of this community.  


It’s your birthday month, so you feel empowered, and overcome with a tremendous feeling of wanting to birth things, seed new ideas, and start new projects. There is a certain social intensity and obligation that arises. Yet there is also this need to finish the things that have been started before. Your in need of discipline to make things ordered, tools such as calendars, planners, etc,. Even with adequate organization, spontaneous things will show up. There is a lot that requires managing this month. And yet there is something about your expression, something you need to push out into the world which is emphasized this month. What have you learned that you can share? There is a a strong aspect of love for you this month, and possibly a desire to grow the family or tribe. If you are single you are likely open for love, if you are in a relationship you may start to grow deeper through your love, exploring expanding your family, but this still can bring you stress. That’s the moment you can identify your true needs, whatever your situation, when you realize you want something more, its going to help you identify your desire. Don’t stress about it, embrace it, and make space for its manifestation. 



The Emperor is the master of the physical plane, the body, the architecture, the civilization, as the patriarch that is giving protection, expansion, and vision.  The emperor needs to reign a certain domain, and master something in the physical world. He is a born leader of men, and once his vision is set, it must be realized, with the help of others.  In the negative, the Emperor can by tyrannical, controlling and dominating.  Often they are controlling when they have not mastered something for themselves, and fear the rejection of not being adequate.  Yet in their power of mastery, they are examples of perfection and true leadership, inspiring others to master themselves and follow higher asperations.


This month is busy with building, structuring, planning, but there is an aspect of going out, and showing yourself physically, just being present in person (rather than mentally or emotionally). Try to stay vulnerable, don’t put the armor on. Stay social, but in a controlled and contained environment. Negatively, you can be dispersed doing too many things. You possess this driving energy that wants to follow the joy of creativity, and you can actually accomplish some interesting things if you discipline yourself to your joy in that moment, and see it through to fruition.



The High Priest


The High Priest holds great wisdom from channeled inspiration, and is here to learn to master speech, preaching, or rallying people behind the creative inspirations that come to him.  As an authority on a loved subject, they go deep into their inspiration and become masters (high priests) of their subject of preference and can then become guides for others.  In essence the High Priest is the Spirit teacher and master of ceremony.


You’re occupied this month with admin, rebalancing, and bringing order. This is not a moment to go deeply into the inner world and spiritual. It’s about taking care of business, things that require your attention in the material world. There is a spiritual alignment by the equinox, that whatever you have been going through in the winter, begins to carve a new path out, so you have to deal with the administrative things now, in order to have a balance within, and to be ready to communicate in the near future. There will be that pressure to emerge and communicate with the community, soon. Going into nature can be inspiring. Negatively this month, you risk being closed, reserved, and removed, which will bring out your bitterness. It’s kind of a dull month of taking care of responsibilities in time for the next part of the cycle that’s coming.

The Lovers


The Lovers is the Archetype of Love, but more so it’s all about duality and the choices we have to make during this life.  Our choices run our lives, and distinguishes our character.  The Lovers is about bringing us into our heart, grounded in our decisions that are aligned with their soul.  The Angel Cupid is shooting his arrow towards the heart, rather than the mind that is being tempted by the two women representing duality (young, old, brunette blonde, passionate or rational).  When you can make decisions from your soul, from your heart and you aren’t distracted by your ego’s desires or your mental addictions, you liberate loving intentions opens transformation, love, passion and adventure to open into your life.  You are here to be a powerful representation of someone living in their heart.


This month can be fun, full of moments of retreat, and travel. A growth that’s occurring within you, whether you are alone, with a family, or in a community. There is something that inspires your direction in life this month. You may find what it was you were seeking, or at least feel closer to it. Negatively, you have a bit of hard time communicating, finding words, and feeling like you are still seeking, getting closer,  but not quite there. This is an observational month for you to be in space of receiving and feeling new experiences.  Tune into the sensual. Perhaps being able to write what you are going through. 




The Chariot is the magnificent, the glorious representation of success in the light of the Devine, becoming the perfect vehicle for divinity.  The chariot is brave, courageous and open to vulnerability as he follows the laws of the sun and moon, nature and the integrity of living by the law, until war.  It is an archetype of action.  It moves and likes beautiful vehicles and clothes.  It is a symbol of the entrepreneur, the army officer, the actor, the fashion designer and the dutiful worker that strives for success and independence, through a coordinated effort, within the social structures. It In it’s darkness, it can be too harsh, protected and stuck in dogmatic and restrictive structures like the army or corporations.  It can be too strict and ambitious.   The Chariot is meant to follow the heart and serve the creative and feminine, and then the heroic nature can arise.


You find yourself in an energy where there is a lot going on; traveling, opportunities, changing plans, lots of unpredictable exciting energy. Being open, vulnerable, and ready, is key for you this month. Feeling stable, because basically there is a feeling of being pulled in many directions at once, not being able to see what is fully going on, and this challenging you to find your inner stability. The risk is to be too dispersed, lose control and stability, and burn out from exhaustion and fatigue, so it’s crucial to be centered. 



Justice is a powerful archetype of integrity, truth, and honor, setting the moral laws into judicial laws for society to function.  It is a strong internal compass of morality, and is often very fair with others, but hard on itself through high expectations.  It can be cold, and too mental, often coming from childhood injustices that were experienced.  Positively, the Justice is powerful at solving technical issues, innovations and also fighting for social justice.  It’s a powerful symbol of balance and trust that we find in the Justice.


March is all about discipline and action in the physical body, exercising daily. Tune into your energy, stop being busy, especially for others, and bring the energy back into your body and feel your vitality. There should be a creative and sexual energy opening within you this month, to seduce skillfully the other, into your vision. Practice the art of seduction, confront your rigidity and responsibility. Go back into the flow of what you love, get out of your schedules, and relax into your sensuality and sexuality.



The Hermit is a seeker, philosopher and logical thinker.  He seeks to understand the human condition, and at first searches to fulfill desires, relationships, and adventures.  He seeks a certain popularity, but often is removed from the group, even perhaps feeling as if he is not part of humanity.  The Hermit is on a pilgrimage to find his own spiritual path, and then inspire others to follow their own paths as well.  Eventually the Hermit is an example to others, living his own truth.  His negative can be isolation, or over mentalizing life, rather than feeling it.  But overall, this archetype is a lover of life, and desires to find the sacred love.


This month you are at service to your community. There is a shift in perception that is happening within you, and you are realizing its not just about you, there is a need to be useful in guiding others. Negatively, you can be under the illusion of love, when this month its all about being loving, but not in love. True service is your ability to be unconditionally loving. Your conditioning around love and expectations of relationship,  can be a trap for you, and this month love is definitely all around you, so tune into a higher frequency of your love expression. What are you really looking for in your love? Be careful of falling into the victim triangle (don’t play the prosecutor, victim, or savior), become creative, evolve to a higher frequency of connection and love. 



The Wheel of Fortune is the mystical aspects of time, transformation, and the passion of life’s risks and excitement.  The Wheel of Fortune is lucky in 3’s, as there are three characters that form this archetype.  The dog and the demon are the thorn in the side of the great mystical sphinx at top.  The dog represents all the pains and fears while the demon brings up the addictions, distractions, and dispersion.  In the negative, this archetype spins out of control, losing himself in the social scene, in what others want of them, and lost in the movement of flow.  In their glory, they are life changers, fortunate, lucky and powerful in their mystical ways.


This month is uncomfortable, your rebirth is intense and accelerated. You aren’t just cleaning your own stuff, but others as well. There can be some turmoil and cutting of relationships. There’s life changing situations occurring – spiritually it is positive, but they may not feel that way in the moment. The tendency is to react, close, up and put armor on and deal with it, the opportunity is to open and feel fully the emotions. A part of you may have to let go, even go through a death, and its definitely related to the ego. 



The Force is the jedi master that has learn to overcome his impulsive animal nature into a refined power towards liberation of form. Through passion, sports, movement, sexuality, and innovation, the force is a natural born leader that can inspire many towards new levels of achievement.  The Force can fall into negative patterns of deep violence, repression of desire and depression by following duty over joy.  But liberated, it is a force to reckon with.


March is an easy month for you, slow and gently. Take care of yourself, follow your pleasures. You may be in movement, but no extreme traveling. You may be inspired to create beauty in the environments around you. It’s about a shift and gentle changing of routines. Negatively, you may remove yourself a little too much, and go into seclusion, but you’re meant to tune into what you are truly seeking, which makes you feel light and beautiful. 



The Hanged Man is a very misunderstood archetype, as it is the one that shifts our perception towards the spiritual, as he walks in surrender to the Devine path.  He is faith, service, love and gratitude all in one.  He has changed his perception form the materialistic viewpoint of life towards a spiritual viewpoint and now he carries gold behind his back, as an illuminated prophet, self-realized as an example to all of us.  Otherwise, it is the betrayed and victim, or the scapegoat for all others, and through the love of service, they ended up doing all the work for everyone.  They are simply generous and hard working.  


This month can either be exciting or intense and charged. It’s magnetic. Awakening your desires and fears. What is it that scares you about your desires? You have to learn to use your will to resist some these, that may create chaos. You may act on your temptations and try to conceal it, but it will probably be revealed. If you are trying to cheat, whether in the workplace or in your relationship, or fall into addictions, you have to call on your wisdom, and discipline to accept that you have the desire, but that it does not always require action upon it. Use it, and channel it as fuel for your creativity, into something constructive.