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Eli Light

Initiate Wisdom Keeper
Address: Miami, Florida USA
Brief info

Originally from Colombia, Miami based Event Producer & DJ - Eli Light Brings to the scene a deeply rooted collection of ancient indigenous emotions and evokes a cosmic universal dance experience within.
Inspired by her travels to magical places around the world, Eli's Music transcends all borders transporting her listenings far beyond the frontiers of consciousness, into ascended states of blissful abandonment.
Founder of ALTAR a Ceremonial Event brand, Eli light's rhythmic beats intersect high vibrational realms liberating us from the mind & bringing individual together by collectively renewing our relationship with self, one another & with Mother Nature. Eli invokes the highest Feminine principle bringing for a transformational experience, Expressed through ritual dance & Ceremonial activation...Honoring our planetary phases of the moon, Healing portals are open UP. recalibrating our personal passion for Music, Art and Spirituality.
"Let it be known that Mystical Spirits within us ALL come alive when Eli Light is at the musical controls.


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