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Shaquile O’Neil – Celebrity Reading

Shaquile O’Neil is world known as an all-star basketball player, for the LA Lakers, and has grown into a powerful entrepreneur and exemplary leader for younger generations.  He is an example of a powerful Empress.


Listen to Shaq’s short celebrity reading:


Shaquille O’Neal is a nice empress, which again shows a different variation and incorporation of the same archetype. So again, you see that, uh, Shaquille has the. In the middle of the diamond shape that’s is an essence. That’s what he’s really carrying as an energy. And the energy is carrying him through and really bringing this out into the world.

This energy of being impressed by something, cultivating that energy, almost like their gestation, and then birthing it back out, expressing it back. And leading through that expression in that whole learning experience, communicating and creating a connection, a communication connection with people that then want to follow the Empress in a way.

And in it creates a certain quote, a certain following a certain. Until shack being an athlete, um, started that way, uh, in a sense, you know, being an athlete pretty much like a musician, so a little different it’s the expression of the body, but, uh, it’s expression of a certain talent and of. Of course Shakila is quite physically different than others.

So sports, he would be able to dominate and you even see this as a huge form with the son and the fool in his masculine, that then goes up into the Empress and into the levers on the right side, the fool is always. Interesting and remarkable. You’ve see the full you’re able to, um, feel the full because right away they stand apart.

They’re always awkward. They’re always big or tall or too skinny, or there’s something about them. That’s out of their origin. And with the sun. It’s, it’s about, it’s about the shining light. I mean, you know, you see it in his smile and his eyes is just beaming. Um, and then, and the sun is also a certain energy that is pretty big, obviously, uh, being the center of the solar system.

Um, and so he has this kind of energy of, of huge. Central pickle, horse in a gravity to just attract people because immediately just by his walking around you, you’re going to notice him and that sunshine is gonna attract seduce. And, um, and then you go into his crazy world. So in a sense, there’s a disconnection there where this father, usually the full leaves and, uh, jets and the son could, um, dire early, um, and in a way burnout.

So usually those combination is that they, they leave the family pretty early. Um, and if not, it’s a, a father that’s going to be extremely overwhelmed. Right because the poor has this aspect of either checking out or being completely overbearing with its presence. That’s just overwhelming alarming or they’re there, but they’re not there, or they’re just kind of absent.

So whether they’re physically absent or not, um, actually it does make a difference, but, um, with the four there’s an aspect of it’s the mental absence of details that. In a sense. And so there’s this fear of abandonment that’s there. And in a way, his mother has a lot of love, but there’s something about somebody cheated on somebody, somebody cheated on somebody, you know, in his relationship.

And the mother as a Herman is definitely hiding something with a lovers. Perhaps she was in love with somebody else. Maybe this was a. That exactly as romantic as you want it to be, maybe, um, or maybe she was just confused. Maybe she had another lover. Maybe there was too, maybe there’s something going on or just becoming pregnant, came a stress for her and real work, a bunch of things.

Anyways, as I said, w um, the hermit, you know, Good at fulfilling duties in a sense. So it’s not like you’re missing anything in the lover. There is a love for joy for kind of being that’s very innocent and lovable, but they’re usually stressed and anxious and, uh, it’s hard to trust them. So in a sense, here, you can see the check goes to the neck.

So for shack, there’s this aspect of kind of a missing masculine and in a way, an immature yet responsible, feminine, and as an Empress himself, he has to basically learn and cultivate his whole being by himself. And the harmonization architect is the temperance and that’s how. And, you know, that’s a very difficult one.

Um, there is a bit of an angel that’s kind of guiding you. So that’s a good thing, but usually you have to really figure out how to bring harmony between all your juxtapositions, how to bring in harmony within your body harmony within the home harmony within arguments. And it’s hard not to become kind of like the, the diplomat, the, the arranger, the fixer, the ranger, the one that.

Brings diplomacy and understanding and can balance situations without getting into the drama, the conflict resolution there, you know, and so somewhere, um, he played a role and stepped into that. And there’s something interesting about. The temperance is that she needs movement and she needs two different houses.

Like when this city one in the, uh, nature. And there’s this, this aspect of needing to find pleasures within the body and to move the emotions, to move the hormones, to move the blood, to move all of that. And I think when you look at check sports and athletics, uh, Are in his higher soul mission as the force of there, but not so much in the lower part.

But I think there’s probably an acceleration that happened because of the dif two fools and, um, you know, moving into the emperor down below, there’s a certain pressure, uh, with the emperor to deal with your body, you have to be.








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