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Get the Sphinx Code Deck by Artist Mike Pinette


The Mike Pinette Sphinx Tarot deck will be available later this year (2022).  It will feature 44 cards (22 major arcana in silver and 22 in gold) as well as a description booklet to help you use the deck in your daily lives.  This does not include how to make your chart, as you can do that for free on the site.

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“The  Aim of Art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but rather their inward significance” – Aristotle

Today, we are creating a uniquely modern and beautiful Tarot deck with all of the secret codes so that each image resonates with your subconscious and allows for the original frequency of the “Arcanum” to transpire and influence your being. We are modernizing each archetype and bringing in some fresh perspective yet retaining the mysterious foundations.

We need to build out a new Major Arcana (22 archetypes) both in light and dark versions, that include all of the secret codes to go along with the Sphinx Code.  I have initiated a special artist Mike Pinette, and he has started downloading the code onto two archetypes already (see pictures of the Hermit and High Priestess).  They are amazing as he uses pointilization technique, so he’s doing this hand drawn.

In order for him to dive deep and do this full time, we need your help to fund this.  We are looking for your help to also develop the web app.  So with our special offers, you are now able to be one of the first people to have access to the Sphinx Code as well as the exclusive, and limited edition printed cards (they will be printed beautifully with gold and silver foil on beautiful silk cotton paper) and bring this project to life.


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