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Sphinx Code Tarot Deck by Artist Mike Pinette

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Embark on an Eternal Quest with the Sphinx Code Oracle Deck

Whispering through the corridors of time and woven into the very fabric of ancient mysteries, the Sphinx Code Oracle Deck stands as a lighthouse for the soul’s uncharted waters. Reenvisioned for the contemporary seeker, this oracle deck resurrects the quintessential symbolism and hallowed sequences of the original tarot, heralding a return to the core essence of the Tarot’s Major Arcana.

Merging elegance with quintessence, the Sphinx Code Oracle unveils 44 transcendent cards—22 bathed in celestial silver and their divine counterparts aglow in majestic gold. This deck is not merely an artifact; it’s a masterpiece, complemented by a tome of unparalleled wisdom. This 155-page booklet offers interpretations that illuminate paths not previously travelled, each reading a revelation. Adorned with nuances and the splendor of gold and silver, every card is a reflection of the cosmos and the profound depths of the soul. With the inclusion of your personal Sphinx Code Archetypal Blueprint, every draw is not just a reading but a compass guiding you through your transformative journey.

A treasure of timeless magnitude (limited to only 1000 decks worldwide), this collection is not just an oracle deck but a portal. Step into the mystery of the Sphinx, the sentinel of destinies eternal.

Your Celestial Compendium Includes:

  • 44 Major Arcana Archetypes, a harmonious chorus of shadow and light.
  • A Grand Magnetic Box, the sanctum of your secrets and keeper of wisdom.
  • A 155-page Codex of Enlightenment, offering novel insights and interpretations, lighting paths yet unexplored.
  • Cards Embellished with Magic, Gold & Silver, each draw a dance with the divine, reflecting the boundless cosmos and the depths of your soul.

Conceived and produced by Manex Ibar, in collaboration with Artist Mike Pinette masterfully illustrating all the art, and enriched by the poetry of Jade Duhamel and Victoria Ibar for the book, this Oracle transcends mere divination; it is a gateway to the heart of the eternal. It beckons you into a profound symbiosis with your subconscious, cradling the archetypes that echo our collective narratives.

In the Sphinx Code Oracle Deck, every card is a step into the ageless, a journey into the profound, and a voyage to the heart of your being. It’s not just about foreseeing the future but reconnecting with the timeless wisdom that guides us. Welcome to your odyssey of enlightenment, where each draw is a discovery, each archetype a mentor, and the deck, a gateway to the soul’s endless expedition.

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Embark on a Journey of Mystical Discovery with the Sphinx Code Tarot Deck

Unlock the secrets of your inner universe with the Sphinx Code Tarot, a mesmerizing collection of divination tools masterfully created by the acclaimed artist Mike Pinette. This tarot deck is not just a set of cards; it’s a portal to a spiritual expedition, guiding you through the timeless wisdom of the ancients, brought to life with over one million meticulously placed dots in a breathtaking pointillist style. The Sphinx Code Tarot is your key to unlocking new dimensions of symbolism, preserved in their purest forms by the sacred geometry of magic squares and the profound insights of the Sphinx Code.

A Symphony of Symbols and Artistry

At the heart of the Sphinx Code Tarot lies a profound connection to our ancestral wisdom, each card whispering the secrets of our lineage through symbols etched in our very DNA. Crafted with holographic enchantment and adorned with glints of gold and silver, the deck shines a light on the shadowy depths and luminous heights of the Major Arcana. The meticulous artistry of Mike Pinette, combined with the visionary wisdom of Jade Duhamel, Manex Ibar, and Victoria Ibar, elevates this tarot deck to a masterpiece of mystical exploration.

Features That Define Eternity

  • Gene’s Whisper: Delve into the echoes of your lineage with cards that reveal the hidden symbols of our ancestral heritage.
  • Masterful Artistry: Experience each archetype through holographic magic, with touches of gold and silver that bring the Major Arcana to life.
  • Mystical Companionship: The accompanying hardcover tome is your guide, enriching your journey with each shuffle, draw, and revelation.
  • Majesty Encased: A magnetic box that not only protects but adds an aura of grandeur and exclusivity to your spiritual quest.

Rediscover the Ancient Rhythms of Tarot

The Sphinx Code Tarot transcends conventional tarot decks, offering a gateway to a sanctuary where the subconscious dances with life’s timeless archetypes. Mike Pinette’s transformative journey with Manex Ibar and the enigmatic Sphinx has given birth to a tarot deck that reinvigorates ancient symbols with new insights, firmly rooted in their mystical origins.

The Oracle Deck of Dreams

With a refreshed Major Arcana in striking Gold and White, and mystifying Black and Silver, aligned with the Sphinx Code, this deck is a testament to Mike Pinette’s dedication and his profound journey through apprenticeship, personal trials, and triumphs. Each card, thick and tactile, invites you to touch the ancient wisdom it embodies. The accompanying hardcover book, brimming with poems and insights, offers a fresh perspective on the archetypal energies guiding us.

A Call to the Seekers

The Sphinx Code Tarot is not merely a tarot deck; it’s an invitation to transcend ordinary existence and explore the depths of your spiritual essence. Dive into the rich narratives within its pages, immerse yourself in the arcane beauty of the tarot, and discover the profound connections between the cosmos, the earth, and the very soul of humanity. This is your moment to embrace the Sphinx Code Oracle and embark on a journey that promises enlightenment, transformation, and a deeper understanding of the mysteries that bind us all.

“To capture not just the semblance, but the very soul of things – such is the true pursuit of Art.”
– Aristotle


In this deck, you hold the key to unlocking the true “Arcanum” frequency, inviting an authentic dialogue with your inner self, and reawakening the sacred bond between the subconscious and the eternal dance of life’s archetypes. Welcome to the Sphinx Code Tarot, your companion on this spellbinding journey of discovery.


Mike’s life has been a profound journey of self-expression through visual art and music, deeply rooted in exploring emotions and subconscious patterns. His exploration of sound extends beyond mere listening; it’s a tangible experience where movement, breath, and sound intertwine to free the spirit and access the heart’s deepest emotions.

As a visual artist, Mike’s work reflects the intricate layers of the subconscious, serving as a canvas for introspection. His background in energy medicine, hypnotherapy, and trauma-informed practices has enabled him to guide others on their paths to self-discovery, helping them uncover and embrace their true selves.

Mike’s pursuit of knowledge has taken him around the world, from ancient temples to remote villages, blending traditional wisdom with contemporary scientific insights. Today, he stands at a unique crossroads of these experiences, applying a holistic approach to help individuals reconnect with their inner essence and navigate their personal transformations.

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