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Get the Sphinx Code Oracle Deck


The Sphinx Code Oracle deck is a powerful tool for developing your connection to your subconscious. Redesigned into a modern look, the original tarot’s symbolism and order are finally available to re-unite to the deepest meaning of the Tarot’s Major Arcana.  Designed by Manex Ibar and his then apprentice Brynja Magnusson, and written with the help of Jade Duhamel and Victoria Ibar, the Sphinx Code Oracle provides new depth and meaning to your subconscious journey and connection to your archetypes. The Sphinx Code Oracle features 44 cards (22 major arcana in silver and 22 in gold) as well as a description booklet to help you use the deck in your daily lives.  Beautifully printed with gold and silver as well as holographic paper, these cards stand out and bring you into their depths of symbolism.  With your Sphinx Code Archetypal Blueprint (get your free),you can discover your daily influences and gain more clarity of your transformation journey.

As a collector’s item (only 1000 decks available), bring home your personal deck and enter the magic of the Sphinx, holder of destinies.

We will be shipping these in March 2023!

997 in stock

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“The  Aim of Art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but rather their inward significance” – Aristotle

Today, we are creating a uniquely modern and beautiful Tarot deck with all of the secret codes so that each image resonates with your subconscious and allows for the original frequency of the “Arcanum” to transpire and influence your being. We are modernizing each archetype and bringing in some fresh perspective yet retaining the mysterious foundations.

We need to build out a new Major Arcana (22 archetypes) both in light and dark versions, that include all of the secret codes to go along with the Sphinx Code.  Brynja Magnusson was an apprentice of Founder Manex Ibar for 3 years, during which she was initiated into the Major Arcana’s secret language of symbols and codes.  She did not finish the apprenticeship and we are left with a beautiful oracle deck with some minor flaws, making it a unique and collectable item.  We are only printing 1000 decks and this will be only available one time.

Get your Sphinx Code Oracle and go deeper with the Tarot like never before.  Enjoy the elaborate descriptions in the book and go deeper within your knowledge of the magic of the Tarot.


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