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Sphinx Code Oracle – Apprentice Edition –


Venture into the Ageless with the Sphinx Code Oracle Deck

In the quiet whispers of time and across the ancient tapestry of mysteries, the Sphinx Code Oracle Deck emerges as a beacon to the soul’s depths. Reimagined for the modern seeker, this deck captures the original tarot’s symbolism and sacred sequence, beckoning once more to the true heart of the Tarot’s Major Arcana.

Crafted by the visionary Manex Ibar, alongside his dedicated apprentice Brynja Magnusson, and with the literary essence of Jade Duhamel and Victoria Ibar, this Oracle is not just a tool, but a portal. It draws one into the profound dance of one’s subconscious and embraces the archetypes that have long whispered our shared stories.

Elegance meets essence as the Sphinx Code Oracle boasts 44 cards, with 22 shimmering in ethereal silver and their counterparts gleaming in resplendent gold. Accompanied by a tome of wisdom – a 155-page booklet with interpretations that have never seen the dawn before – this deck is a true work of art. Adorned in holography, gold, and silver, every card gleams, mirroring the cosmos and the soul’s depths. And with your personal Sphinx Code Archetypal Blueprint (a gift to you), each day’s draw becomes a compass, a glimpse into influences that shape your odyssey of transformation.

A relic of time (with only 500 decks in existence), this collection isn’t just a deck but a gateway. Step into the enigma of the Sphinx, the guardian of timeless destinies.

Your Ethereal Ensemble Contains:

  • 44 Major Arcana Archetypes, echoing both shadow and light
  • A Luxurious Magnetic Box, a keeper of secrets
  • A 155-page Scroll of Insight with unprecedented interpretations
  • Cards kissed by the luminance of Holography, Gold, & Silver

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Embark on a Timeless Spiritual Expedition

Plunge into a captivating odyssey that resonates with the archaic symbols woven into the very essence of our DNA. Magnificently envisioned by Brynja Magnusson and Manex Ibar, this deck finds its articulate voice melded with the wisdom of Jade Duhamel, Manex, and Victoria Ibar.

Deck’s Ethereal Features:

Gene’s Whisper: This is no ordinary deck; it is an echo of your very lineage. Embrace the hushed murmurings of ancestral sagacity as each card unveils the concealed symbols embedded within our genetic tapestry.

Masterful Artistry: Every card radiates with holographic enchantment, elevated further by gleams of gold and silver. Each archetype, a splendid canvas, mirrors both the luminescent and obscure facets of the Major Arcana.

Mystical Companionship: The accompanying tome serves not merely as an instruction but as an ethereal compass, deepening the bond with every shuffle, draw, and divine revelation.

Majesty Encased: The magnetic box speaks not only of safeguarding but of grandeur and rarity, befitting the journeying adept within you.

Rediscover the Ancient Rhythms of Tarot: Amidst Brynja’s transformative pilgrimage alongside Manex Ibar, symbols once relegated to oblivion found resurgence. This deck defies diluted interpretations, beckoning the seeker to a genuine sanctuary, re-establishing the sacred connection between the subconscious and the timeless ballet of life’s archetypes.

Treasures Limited in Number: Of these 500 masterpieces, many have already found home with those harmonized to the celestial song. Will one such sanctuary be yours?

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“To capture not mere semblance, but the very soul of things – such is the true pursuit of Art” – Aristotle

In this era, we present a Tarot deck, both novel and exquisite, encrypted with arcane codes, ensuring each image deeply converses with your inner self, permitting the authentic “Arcanum” frequency to permeate and influence your essence. Whilst revitalizing each archetype, we’ve breathed in fresh insights, yet anchored firmly to their mystical roots.

Introducing a renewed Major Arcana (22 archetypes), in both luminous and shadowy renditions, aligned exquisitely with the Sphinx Code. During Brynja Magnusson’s apprenticeship with the visionary Manex Ibar, she was ushered into the clandestine tongue of the Major Arcana’s symbols and codes. Though her journey with Ibar remained incomplete, it birthed an oracle deck of breathtaking allure with minor imperfections, making it both singular and coveted. With only 500 such treasures to ever be crafted, this is a singular rendezvous with destiny.

Embrace the Sphinx Code Oracle and transcend in your Tarot exploration. Revel in the intricate narrations within the book, and dive profoundly into the arcane allure of the Tarot.

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2 reviews for Sphinx Code Oracle – Apprentice Edition –

  1. User Avatar


    The Art is so inspiring and beautifully printed, but the text really got me as the Archetypal descriptions brought new insights into their true meaning. The Sphinx Code Oracle is definitely a powerful deck that will become a staple of my Altar! Feels really sacred!

  2. User Avatar


    Wow! These cards are incredible! It was a long wait, but all good things come with time!

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