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Certification VII -Master Keys – Course Full Payment

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Get certified into this unique wisdom knowledge revealing the blueprint to personal archetypes. Enhance your life, your practice, your relationships, and your career by understanding the subconscious patterns that control your life, and learn to transform them. Learn the secret occult language of the Tarot and the Arcana, the Foul’s Journey, and the Sphinx Code that unites the 22 Emerald Tablets, the Zephora of the Torah, and the code that brings them together to unveil of personal archetypes.

Learn to go deeper into your Blueprint and unveil your master keys that help you grow faster and bring you towards your transcendental path quicker.  Gain access to tricks that align you to your core being and accelerates your path towards liberation and powerful expression.


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Learn how to read the master keys and gain access to the powerful keys that help you unlock your code and help you realize your mission.  Gain access to the keys’ deeper meanings and how to use them in a reading.  Learn how to bring this information into a reading so you can give your clients more information about how to achieve their optimal life.


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