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Certification III -Global Transits- Course Full Payment

Original price was: $5,000.00.Current price is: $2,750.00.

Get certified into this unique wisdom knowledge revealing the blueprint to personal archetypes. Enhance your life, your practice, your relationships, and your career by understanding the subconscious patterns that control your life, and learn to transform them. Learn the secret occult language of the Tarot and the Arcana, the Foul’s Journey, and the Sphinx Code that unites the 22 Emerald Tablets, the Zephora of the Torah, and the code that brings them together to unveil of personal archetypes. Go deeper into your personal readings by learning how to read the global cycles and how they influence the overall society as well as individual charts.

Join the journey of bringing a wisdom system into the world and forever be known as a founding Wisdom Keeper.

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Learn how to read the transits according to the Tarot, bringing deep insights into each day, week, month, and year and how it interacts with each person’s unique Archetypal Blueprint.  Learn how to interpret each major Arcana according to the global natural cycles of the planets. Gain insights on the different influences from the cycles and how they affect the different individual positions and charts, helping to bridge the cyclical cycles of individual charts.


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