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Certification II – Relationship- Course Full Payment


Get certified into this unique wisdom knowledge revealing the blueprint to relationships. Enhance your life, your practice, your relationships, and your career by understanding the subconscious patterns that control your life, and learn to transform them. Learn the secret occult language of the Tarot and the Arcana, the Foul’s Journey, and the Sphinx Code that unites the 22 Emerald Tablets, the Zephora of the Torah, and the code that brings them together to unveil of personal archetypes. Learn how to give relationship readings and how to bring the chart’s dynamic into account.

Join the journey of bringing a wisdom system into the world.


Get the second certification and learn to read relationships between two people.  Learn how to move through the relationship chart and analyze how two people interact with each other’s wounds and strengths.  Relationships are an incredible part of our lives. Understanding how they function has been the core of so many stories, books, movies and self-development programs. Learn how to read the dynamics of the relationship through the 3 chart that gets created between the two people involved in the relationship. Learn the hooks and the impositions of the relationship dynamics.


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