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Certification – I – Course Partial Payment Week 1

Original price was: $7,500.00.Current price is: $2,500.00.

Get certified in this unique wisdom knowledge revealing the blueprint of personal archetypes. Enhance your life, your practice, your relationships and your career by understanding the subconscious patterns that control your life as well as how to transform them. Gain knowledge of the secret occult language of the Tarot and the Arcana, the Fool’s Journey, the Sphinx Code that unites the 22 Emerald Tablets, the Zephora of the Torah and the code that consolidates them, to unveil personal archetypes. Learn how to give personal readings.

Join the journey as a founding Wisdom Keeper and bring this unique wisdom system to the world !


Your Wisdom Keeper kit includes:
– Exclusive Wisdom Keepers cards
– Exclusive card reading mat
– Certification original, signed print (not available outside course)
– Wisdom Keepers book
– Pro version of the site and the app
– Digital access to provide or author webinars, podcasts and workshops
– Authorship within the community

Join the adventure, we look forward to the journey with you!

Note: If you chose a partial payment – with a due balance of $5,000.00 dollars – $50.00 will be deducted from each of your 100 mandatory sessions that are priced at $250.00.

Next Wisdom Keepers Training is in November 2022


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