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Artist Certification XII


Become a Sphinx Code Artist and learn the secret code of the Tarot!

The ancient, visual language of art, as a sacred language of the subconscious, is perhaps the ultimate purpose of art. Learning the hidden and secret code of the Tarot’s major Arcana is a powerful initiation towards understanding one of the most known and used tools of magic and archetypes.

Join the journey into the secret initiation of the Tarot, and bring your creativity to another level.  Learning the Fool’s Journey and the Archetypal meaning of the human consciousness, will bring tremendous value to your own personal evolution as well as all your creative endeavors.

Join the Initiation!

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What you will learn:

The fool’s journey across each of the 22 archetypes and it’s importance in the Hero’s Journey
The symbolism of each graphic element and color of each archetype
The reason for the positions of each character (their stance, gaze, what they are holding)
The hidden meaning behind “mistakes” and how they interplay with the meaning of each archetypes
The hidden connection between archetypes and their visual link
The true knowledge of the Tarot it’s origins, it’s depth of connection to our Amino Acids, and our subconscious

The deep knowledge of each archetype in readings, or in the creative process

The foundational journey of our soul through the Major Arcana

The occult initiation of human consciousness (what all mystery schools teach)

What you will gain:

The possibility to reproduce a Tarot deck with the secret code
Become a leader as an initiated spiritual artist understanding the underlying code of the subconscious
Enter the Sphinx Code Artist Sponsorship (each year we choose an artist to make a new
tarot deck and publish their work with a virtual and real auction of limited edition prints)
Give workshops on the Tarot’s Symbolism
Enter the Artist section of the Sphinx Code site to inspire our community

Create new artwork, musical compositions, stories and myths  based on proper archetypal journey

The ability to use the appropriate symbols with purpose and meaning


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