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Mariah Carey


Mariah Carey is one of the powerful voices alive and a superstar.  Her devout following captures her essence of creating a cult following through expressing her essence, talent, and gifts.

Listen to Mariah Carey.

Mariah Carey born March 27th, 1970. So again, we see an Empress in the middle there of her chart. That’s her inner essence. Seeing the empress can obviously be many different types and they do have a lot of different flavors. The Empress is quite varied as an inner being, but essentially she’s here to be impressed by something.

And then she kind of cultivates that. And then she’s. Birth it back out through expression, which then builds a certain color, a certain following. So of course, for a singer, this makes sense. And you can see that there’s a lot of singers that are impressive. And then there is this power of the voice that empresses have.

They have a certain authority. And it enchants people to follow them, to want to follow them into their story, into their views on life, into, you know, their quote, their beliefs. And mostly the Empress wants to help nourish the people. Yeah, heal the people, educate the people and uplift them, you know, and feel a certain responsibility on people.

Now, of course, on the negative side of the. It’s usually somebody that doesn’t know how to communicate properly. It can be somebody that’s very snobby then. It can be somebody that also devalues themself. And so the emperor is also has this, you know, from Porter, riches kind of story, a lot of them as they learn, and as they educate and as they learn to have patience, then they cultivate Nicole elevate and they continue with their passion.

They usually end up having quite a following. You see with Mariah Carey on her masculine side, near the judgment and the star and the priest and the justice. So you can see that already with the judgment is going to be immediately. Could be music or politics, something about the stage being seen, being put out into the world that can be also media and technology, but there is this very strong aspect of being a public figure.

And with a star in itself, it’s really literally becoming a star in the music industry as a media personality. It’s literally. So she does in a very early, you know, career. Mary’s even Tommy, Mattola the head of Sony music and the mom which in a way fits with the Empress, you know because it’s family and it’s a coach, it’s a culture.

And so why not becoming the matriarch of that, but really it’s about music and her express. And then building a certain hand buyer is also part of the Empress.

Now you see that it moves into the priest. And so there’s something about her growing into a new spiritual insight and moving into the justice, meaning moving into rebalancing, her self and bringing. A certain justice to unfairness and we know that she had quite a career shift. She changed labels. She almost had a breakdown.

I mean, there was a line of things that happen tomorrow, Carrie and she transformed a little bit more into somebody who I would say within her Cole became a role model and had a philosophy on life and how she got. Came back from her burnout and the sickness and how she changed her life and brought in more of a spiritual lifestyle, in a sense with a little bit more boundaries and rules, you really see all of that in the priest.

And then her songs started changing in terms of having more meaning and more soul in a sense and purpose. And yet at the same time with justice, there’s a weird sense of it’s kind of dry. It’s kind of, you know, I’m going to say boring to a certain degree, but a little bit more cold, less warm yeah, more, just more piercing and perhaps more energetically.

So in a sense, you see this move now, obviously she stays that media personality and the star, but now she starts bringing in more balance, bringing in more spiritual philosophy, in a sense, and, but, and becomes maybe a teacher to a certain degree or an inspirational counselor to another degree. Or she just brings in a certain channeling of.

And spiritual wisdom.

And you can see that that would happen if she goes through her harmonization card. Right. And the tower is all about being initiated into alchemy, into the art of transforming your inner being, which if she went through the, then you would see that she would start bringing in more spiritual knowledge into her.

And voicing it, you know, typical of the Empress, she is going to continue learning all the way through her life and expanding her conscious awareness. And so hopefully she gets guided and initiated into the core, into the spiritual and and has a deep shift. And I mean, that could have easily been that burnout, right.

The tower where she kind of loses it needs to be. Put into a rehab or into some type of clinic to take care of her because in a way she can lose her mind. She can kind of go crazy with that tower through a blast, a Sutton moment that kind of explodes her in those moments do in the end, innately, bring a certain type of prayer, whether it’s self-empowered.

Where you willfully put yourself into your power, or if you, you know praying and demanding for a higher power than yourself to come and help you, usually you end up meeting that power as well. So there is something about your will that gets destroyed and yet opens up to surrendering to something higher.

Which ends up elevating you. And in that you see that in her ego card, the force, the force as NIGO is complicated than the fact that she had to grow up quickly and become very dutiful and took on a lot of responsibilities early in her life. And Most likely you can kind of see that there’s a certain pressure from her father to perform without judgment.

That’s like a very tough card where you feel like you’re always being judged and asked to perform a higher and you’re never good enough. And there’s a certain shame there, there could have been some weird issues around. My sexuality, like how to develop that. And you can see that in America definitely used her body to gain attention, even though her voice was so spectacular, she really didn’t need to.

But there is an aspect of that. And so maybe, you know, her father judged her for being beautiful and, and talented until that. She was recognized that as loved as, and so that’s what she moved into. But there’s definitely something difficult with the judgment card and it always puts a certain pressure to exceed your expectations and enter into a certain form of.

So it puts a lot of stress and with a star, usually it’s struggles with stability, with money, especially in that position. So probably, you know, I had a hard time providing for the family in a sense. And then within the mother, you see the hermit there and always that it’s a card or it’s an architect.

Does it fulfills its duties on a surface level and can be profound and can be quite wise as a teacher. So as a mother, it’s, it’s a gentle architect, but at the same time, there are men is always cloaking, something it’s hiding something and see. And Francis himself as well. And so that makes a mother not so available.

I mean, she’s literally looking away in the light is away. Right. But, okay. So there’s responsibilities and the mother could have with a hang man, felt like a victim of those responsibilities of having to be the mother of. Kind of did, but then Mariah Carey might’ve felt also like she’s holding a lot of her mother’s emotions and she’s kind of a scapegoat for some of her mother’s depression and perhaps even, you know, deep victim depressive aspect that can be hidden and cloak to because of the hermit again.

But it’s. With the hang man. And so for Mariah Carey, there’s something about always being at service in relationship, always trying to help the. You know, become better in serving the other. And that’s how she’s learned to love and on a deeper level that also enables for a certain spiritual connection, a spiritual channeling, because in essence, when she changes her perspective of the hanged man, and she becomes spiritual rather than.

There is an opening that happens actually through her death, where she cuts with her past and even her lineage and goes into the transformation, the tower. Probably her breakdown and her kind of sickness in that moment was a catalyzer to her awakening out of a victimization of always having to be at service to everybody and learning to put boundaries and to kind of put this tower back together through spiritual limitations, through spiritual battle.

Which goes back to the priest. And yet she’s having probably some death experience. He got death experience for sure, but other aspects, you know, flirting with what is that? And immediately you have to ask yourself about spirit. And so the death card there brings in joy within her own initiation. Into her spirituality to then move towards this Howard, which is the liberation and the divinity that starts kind of coming through her and with that justice, which is actually the sword that’s holding the lightening of the tower.

There’s something really powerful with Mariah Carey, actually. I mean to that, but it’s way more powerful than just. Her fame and her media personality, I can see her, you know, awakening to something much more influential and leaving a certain mark that in a sense, because towards this deeper aspects, with the voice and the quality of voice, and being able to resonate with so many people.

You are a messenger and your voice carries the frequency to be heard. And so in the vine alignment with the tower and the justice, she’s so deeply protected to kind of channel this lover’s energy again, this love and, and the lover. With a TA with a tower, you know, there’s a restructuring of her belief systems in a sense that brings her into a higher state of enlightenment and understanding of the foundations of what makes like.

Function that she can Pierce the veils and start spreading that knowledge out into the world as the sole mission of the hermit, which has basically being a guide and helping others really realize themselves self realize and find their own path to their own spirituality. So I wouldn’t be surprised if in a way, Mariah Carey had a lot of

Experiences than, oh, work a certain new spiritual dimension within her. That eventually it would be beneficial to hear and to share in because there is something about her becoming a role model and a guide for others as a secret herself. And.

Coming back in a way to a certain humbleness, I mean, never losing the personality, but the media profile and her wealth that she’s accumulated, but more like moving into a direction of simple appreciation for carefully crafted things that have deeper. And connecting to higher essence and perhaps bringing her voice into that dimension.

So there’s a, another kind of resume of the person, you know, with a priest in the environment. She probably was conditioned by a certain spiritual. I think she was Catholic and she is meant to kind of hear some break, all those rules to redefine a direct experience of what is spirituality. And so that can be true.

For somebody to really have to break free from that. That’s you see that with her death card internally with that tower as well, internally in her above feminine side, she’s going to have to have a personal transformation in her spiritual nature that could even lead to a certain death and then revival, restructures, not only her beliefs, but even her way of living.

And it moves or into that lover’s space where really, she becomes even more of an artist, a lover and a healer, and somebody who shows that life is meant to be joy and the, and creation and sharing. And so she’ll find her community to be that, to attract that type of. That is looking to free themselves through

getting out of their own situations, their own victimization and becoming co-creators becoming people that create beauty in the world all the way up to lovers, you know, the deeper medic aspect. And so she can also really tune in with her star and that lovers into the romance. Of the archetypes that really wants to have the lovers and love be the answer.

I hope you enjoyed that. And I look forward to seeing you for the next really enjoy blessings to.



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