The Wheel of Fortune is the mystical aspects of time, transformation, and the passion of life’s risks and excitement.  The Wheel of Fortune is lucky in 3’s, as there are three characters that form this archetype.  The dog and the demon are the thorn in the side of the great mystical sphinx at top.  The dog represents all the pains and fears while the demon brings up the addictions, distractions, and dispersion.  In the negative, this archetype spins out of control, losing himself in the social scene, in what others want of them, and lost in the movement of flow.  In their glory, they are life changers, fortunate, lucky and powerful in their mystical ways.


This month is uncomfortable, your rebirth is intense and accelerated. You aren’t just cleaning your own stuff, but others as well. There can be some turmoil and cutting of relationships. There’s life changing situations occurring – spiritually it is positive, but they may not feel that way in the moment. The tendency is to react, close, up and put armor on and deal with it, the opportunity is to open and feel fully the emotions. A part of you may have to let go, even go through a death, and its definitely related to the ego.