The Magician is the youthful energy of excitement, passion, and beginner’s luck.  The Magician is a showman and natural people person.  He is here to learn stability, by focusing on his joy and his inner passions, realizing his creative potential.  He is magical and well loved, eventhcugh often he is insecure in his body, and can also lack self-confidence.  With that, there can come an over-excitement that borders of ego, or worse narcissism, where all of the magic disappears into misery and depression.  It is key to always refine yourself and go towards making your dreams come true.  Don’t be afraid to speak in front of a crowd, actually get good at it, and bring your magic and wonder.


For this month, on a positive note, you feel stable and confident to express your magic and talents. For business, there can be more opportunities and socializing, to make new deals and generate leads. For love, there can be a spontaneous meeting (especially for male Magicians), with an individual who may be more mature, helping to teach you something new. This chance meeting may even be to begin a family and have a baby. For all of them though, this is a good time to cultivate your creativity, and so its about choosing to be disciplined in joy of expression, whatever that is. Negatively, you may feel a lot of judgment if you are out of alignment, possibly even some shame, guilt, or a lack of empowerment, and privacy. So you need to create space to allow your unique creative talents to express themselves, and find stability in that. Making music or playing music this month can aid this process.