The Lovers


The Lovers is the Archetype of Love, but more so it’s all about duality and the choices we have to make during this life.  Our choices run our lives, and distinguishes our character.  The Lovers is about bringing us into our heart, grounded in our decisions that are aligned with their soul.  The Angel Cupid is shooting his arrow towards the heart, rather than the mind that is being tempted by the two women representing duality (young, old, brunette blonde, passionate or rational).  When you can make decisions from your soul, from your heart and you aren’t distracted by your ego’s desires or your mental addictions, you liberate loving intentions opens transformation, love, passion and adventure to open into your life.  You are here to be a powerful representation of someone living in their heart.


This month can be fun, full of moments of retreat, and travel. A growth that’s occurring within you, whether you are alone, with a family, or in a community. There is something that inspires your direction in life this month. You may find what it was you were seeking, or at least feel closer to it. Negatively, you have a bit of hard time communicating, finding words, and feeling like you are still seeking, getting closer,  but not quite there. This is an observational month for you to be in space of receiving and feeling new experiences.  Tune into the sensual. Perhaps being able to write what you are going through.