Justice is a powerful archetype of integrity, truth, and honor, setting the moral laws into judicial laws for society to function.  It is a strong internal compass of morality, and is often very fair with others, but hard on itself through high expectations.  It can be cold, and too mental, often coming from childhood injustices that were experienced.  Positively, the Justice is powerful at solving technical issues, innovations and also fighting for social justice.  It’s a powerful symbol of balance and trust that we find in the Justice.


March is all about discipline and action in the physical body, exercising daily. Tune into your energy, stop being busy, especially for others, and bring the energy back into your body and feel your vitality. There should be a creative and sexual energy opening within you this month, to seduce skillfully the other, into your vision. Practice the art of seduction, confront your rigidity and responsibility. Go back into the flow of what you love, get out of your schedules, and relax into your sensuality and sexuality.