The High Priest


The High Priest holds great wisdom from channeled inspiration, and is here to learn to master speech, preaching, or rallying people behind the creative inspirations that come to him.  As an authority on a loved subject, they go deep into their inspiration and become masters (high priests) of their subject of preference and can then become guides for others.  In essence the High Priest is the Spirit teacher and master of ceremony.


You’re occupied this month with admin, rebalancing, and bringing order. This is not a moment to go deeply into the inner world and spiritual. It’s about taking care of business, things that require your attention in the material world. There is a spiritual alignment by the equinox, that whatever you have been going through in the winter, begins to carve a new path out, so you have to deal with the administrative things now, in order to have a balance within, and to be ready to communicate in the near future. There will be that pressure to emerge and communicate with the community, soon. Going into nature can be inspiring. Negatively this month, you risk being closed, reserved, and removed, which will bring out your bitterness. It’s kind of a dull month of taking care of responsibilities in time for the next part of the cycle that’s coming.