The High Priestess


The High Priestess is highly intuitive and connected to the sacred, to the highest spiritual values of Nature’s intelligence and the sacred heart.  The High Priestess is here to bring us into the meditative process of discovering the sacred heart, the secret of the internal world of our Souls.  It is in the sacredness of all things that she exists and finds herself the one that holds the high standards that brings the sacred into our lives, ceremony, and celebration. She is the inspiration, the inspired spirit whispered in our thoughts.  The High Priestess is the way of the sacred, the invisible, and the Holy.


For this month, there’s a push of going external rather and inward, and to really start communicating and inspiring others. It’s a bit uncomfortable because there is a focus on the social expectations, and how to present and conduct yourself. There is a feeling of your feathers being ruffled. You feel the calling of the social world needing you, yet you aren’t quite ready, so there is this feeling of chaos, and a rush to organize your expression out into the world. The positive energy of the month is the ability to express yourself in a new way, a rebirthing, like a diamond made under pressure. While in the negative, the feeling of disorder and discomfort dominates. There will be a desire to flee, to escape, the social pressure that is building and asking for your outward expression. The need for travel exists, but best to stay focus and grounded. Feel it all and come into the inspiration that is generated from the chaos. Transform it, and then express it.