The Hermit is a seeker, philosopher and logical thinker.  He seeks to understand the human condition, and at first searches to fulfill desires, relationships, and adventures.  He seeks a certain popularity, but often is removed from the group, even perhaps feeling as if he is not part of humanity.  The Hermit is on a pilgrimage to find his own spiritual path, and then inspire others to follow their own paths as well.  Eventually the Hermit is an example to others, living his own truth.  His negative can be isolation, or over mentalizing life, rather than feeling it.  But overall, this archetype is a lover of life, and desires to find the sacred love.


This month you are at service to your community. There is a shift in perception that is happening within you, and you are realizing its not just about you, there is a need to be useful in guiding others. Negatively, you can be under the illusion of love, when this month its all about being loving, but not in love. True service is your ability to be unconditionally loving. Your conditioning around love and expectations of relationship,  can be a trap for you, and this month love is definitely all around you, so tune into a higher frequency of your love expression. What are you really looking for in your love? Be careful of falling into the victim triangle (don’t play the prosecutor, victim, or savior), become creative, evolve to a higher frequency of connection and love.