The Hanged Man is a very misunderstood archetype, as it is the one that shifts our perception towards the spiritual, as he walks in surrender to the Devine path.  He is faith, service, love and gratitude all in one.  He has changed his perception form the materialistic viewpoint of life towards a spiritual viewpoint and now he carries gold behind his back, as an illuminated prophet, self-realized as an example to all of us.  Otherwise, it is the betrayed and victim, or the scapegoat for all others, and through the love of service, they ended up doing all the work for everyone.  They are simply generous and hard working.  


This month can either be exciting or intense and charged. It’s magnetic. Awakening your desires and fears. What is it that scares you about your desires? You have to learn to use your will to resist some these, that may create chaos. You may act on your temptations and try to conceal it, but it will probably be revealed. If you are trying to cheat, whether in the workplace or in your relationship, or fall into addictions, you have to call on your wisdom, and discipline to accept that you have the desire, but that it does not always require action upon it. Use it, and channel it as fuel for your creativity, into something constructive.