The Empress


As The Empress, you are here to master communication and become a patron of a community.  The Empress represents the Cult and needs to cultivate herself to be knowledgeable about all the Arts (fine, healing, and practical)) as well as philosophy, science, medicine and spirituality.  From the long research and education, she can then masterfully communicate and organize a community to become the patron of this community.  


It’s your birthday month, so you feel empowered, and overcome with a tremendous feeling of wanting to birth things, seed new ideas, and start new projects. There is a certain social intensity and obligation that arises. Yet there is also this need to finish the things that have been started before. Your in need of discipline to make things ordered, tools such as calendars, planners, etc,. Even with adequate organization, spontaneous things will show up. There is a lot that requires managing this month. And yet there is something about your expression, something you need to push out into the world which is emphasized this month. What have you learned that you can share? There is a a strong aspect of love for you this month, and possibly a desire to grow the family or tribe. If you are single you are likely open for love, if you are in a relationship you may start to grow deeper through your love, exploring expanding your family, but this still can bring you stress. That’s the moment you can identify your true needs, whatever your situation, when you realize you want something more, its going to help you identify your desire. Don’t stress about it, embrace it, and make space for its manifestation.