The Emperor is the master of the physical plane, the body, the architecture, the civilization, as the patriarch that is giving protection, expansion, and vision.  The emperor needs to reign a certain domain, and master something in the physical world. He is a born leader of men, and once his vision is set, it must be realized, with the help of others.  In the negative, the Emperor can by tyrannical, controlling and dominating.  Often they are controlling when they have not mastered something for themselves, and fear the rejection of not being adequate.  Yet in their power of mastery, they are examples of perfection and true leadership, inspiring others to master themselves and follow higher asperations.


This month is busy with building, structuring, planning, but there is an aspect of going out, and showing yourself physically, just being present in person (rather than mentally or emotionally). Try to stay vulnerable, don’t put the armor on. Stay social, but in a controlled and contained environment. Negatively, you can be dispersed doing too many things. You possess this driving energy that wants to follow the joy of creativity, and you can actually accomplish some interesting things if you discipline yourself to your joy in that moment, and see it through to fruition.