The Chariot is the magnificent, the glorious representation of success in the light of the Devine, becoming the perfect vehicle for divinity.  The chariot is brave, courageous and open to vulnerability as he follows the laws of the sun and moon, nature and the integrity of living by the law, until war.  It is an archetype of action.  It moves and likes beautiful vehicles and clothes.  It is a symbol of the entrepreneur, the army officer, the actor, the fashion designer and the dutiful worker that strives for success and independence, through a coordinated effort, within the social structures. It In it’s darkness, it can be too harsh, protected and stuck in dogmatic and restrictive structures like the army or corporations.  It can be too strict and ambitious.   The Chariot is meant to follow the heart and serve the creative and feminine, and then the heroic nature can arise.


You find yourself in an energy where there is a lot going on; traveling, opportunities, changing plans, lots of unpredictable exciting energy. Being open, vulnerable, and ready, is key for you this month. Feeling stable, because basically there is a feeling of being pulled in many directions at once, not being able to see what is fully going on, and this challenging you to find your inner stability. The risk is to be too dispersed, lose control and stability, and burn out from exhaustion and fatigue, so it’s crucial to be centered.