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Lady Gaga – Celebrity Reading


Lady Gaga is a musical pop icon and actress that has captured the hearts of millions as well as the interest of the media for her controversial outfits, song lyrics, and associations.  She is another example of the Empress.


Listen to Lady Gaga’s short Celebrity Reading:















Lady Gaga. Stephanie, Karen, another emphasis for March. And you can see like Mariah Carey and so many of the singers, the emperor is, is definitely a archetype that is all about expression and using the voice to impact and create her cult or culture and her followers into that coat. And her key is to learn a lot in cold.

To be impressed by other things to be inspired and to go and try to learn, emulate and become that. And it’s a continuous process for these embraces it’s a continuous process of always learning and going further and deeper. And you’re going to have to kind of go through this society, this culture, you know, in order to either become.

And Empress in this culture, you have to find your own community and you have to know the rules and a sense of community and of culture already to then make your own. So here with lady Gaga, she has this centerpiece of being this Empress and creating a certain empire, which really obviously fits for a singer as they have followers, make a call that are willing to do what she says, and they’re following her lead as a role model, leading the cold with a message.

With heart, with love, with whatever she’s expressing out into the world. In terms of her masculine side, you see the, she has the hermit, the lovers and the tower up above in the sun. So with a hermit in the sun there, it’s kind of an interesting opposition and she probably struggled. To go out and shine and to be out on the stage a little bit more shy, you know, with a hermit there and stressed and anxious with the lovers in a sense.

And probably, I don’t know what happened exactly with her parents, but it seems from this card of the lovers, it could have been that there’s some type of portrayal. There could be cheating. There could have been something that happens where the father kind of leaves. And if not, she has a hard time trusting the masculine and there’s some something there that needs to be unveiled that the.

Hermit father is kind of cloaking, you know, but yet he’s trying to take care of her to a certain degree while he’s stressed and yet, you know, love is there. I mean, there is love and he is trying to be a teacher trying to be a wise elder to her, trying to lead her as best he can towards her own path. And in her own psychology, there is this, you know, very kind of

the lover appeared. Okay. Kind of pure an essence, and it’s a very much like the teenager forever in a sense. And yet she has that hermit, which gives her an appearance of being older and matured certain degree. So that’s already, although the interesting thing though where she might not have fit in right into the social culture or the sort of.

The standards and she could have stuck out a little bit. Usually the hermit gets made fun of, and is excluded from a tribe. They feel like they’re not part of the tribe. And so they also exclude themselves as well. And you can see that she’s identified. The sun has an ego, which is difficult because there is this constant perfectionism that you need to shine and show on the, the good and the beauty.

And you need to always be. The bright star for everybody else, you need to give the love and be the love. And yet all their shadow of shining so much outwardly is created in him. Are they? So their shadow gets built up inside and needs to be dealt with at some point. And it’s it’s, it’s hard because.

Whenever you take critique with the sun as an ego, you take it very personally because you were meant to be the sun, the Royal son, nothing supposed to critique the son. That’s just the pure essence of pure light, but in a personality ego. There’s always going to be character traits that are meant to be improved and therefore can be criticized, especially if that’s her direction in life, which you see because there’s the sun above the tower in her higher expression of her being.

Which is about being a star, being somebody who’s going to be well-known, that’s going to influence that has that influence that is balanced and showing her dark and her light, which he ended up doing. There was a point in her career where she flipped a little bit and stop the anxiety pills and actually went into.

Becoming your most, the role motto of, you know, trying to be real and trying to not shine and trying to almost make herself look bad and normal and raw. And and I think she probably gained followers because she became. And that’s the story of the sun. The more you’re just who you are and you just speak out and share minnow in a rough form.

The light comes through you anyways. And so there is this thing that really restructured her that probably was a hard hit, maybe a crack. Burnout the tower. But the sun usually is a big burnout and it’s a shock into a new realization of restructuring yourself, restructuring your image, your thoughts, your beliefs, and reconfiguring.

So that you can have a better structure to be a vehicle for the divine to come through, which is what she is really meant to, with a tower. The tower has a very powerful aspect and in a way, it can have a big impact. It’s the disruptor, right? So there is an aspect of industrialization. Things, making things in industry impacting industry, it can be financed tech health, you know, but anything that is an industry she’s going to impact that and could create her own industry, especially with the emphasis.

I with the tower, she has the structuring mechanism to create something pretty powerful. You know, they talk a lot about it and if T’s becoming the new currency for community and community, The new power. And so she could have incredible influence on creating an NFT community around her music and maybe changing the industry, creating labels based on entities who knows with the emperor upbringing.

In her maturity, she definitely gets into the, you know, more CEO, executive chairman, visionary role to influence an industry the tower. And so of course she can be hugely impactful in creating a real. The thing that would hold her back is the stress of the lovers and the seeking of love, which also the son has an ego is, has a lot of issues with.

And so when you look in her feminine side, the left side of the chart, And you see the death card, the wheel fortune moves into the hang man. And then the devil you see, there’s a, it’s, it’s a very interesting and psychologically more difficult pattern and her masculinity and. Going from death to the devil is difficult because the death card makes you feel like you’re a D rooted in you’re cut off from your mother.

In a sense, even though the wheel of fortune is usually warm, it’s kind of a gypsy trip. Usually as a mother at somebody who’s very much wrapped up in the social circles and is dispersed and her energy from her social activity. And so she is not present centered and attentive to the needs of the child with the death card.

There’s something about cutting with the emotional aspects, with any type of attachment and yet the wheel of fortune kind of balance as bounces this out. So it’s very tricky to understand the wounds there. And oftentimes people with a death card think that their mother was. And perfect and took all the responsibilities and they were present.

And yet there is this feeling of actually being kind of cold and bitter and sharp which puts you on edge. I mean, you know, we all know death is on its horizon somewhere and it’s going to confined us, you know there was a teacher that said death isn’t when it’s the place, when you arrived. Your place, then you die.

And so there is this thing about not actually understanding your place in the family with this and with the wheel of fortune, there’s a dispersement. So you’re always kind of looking to do all sorts of things and entertain and be the attention and try to grab love through the attention. So again with the Empress, she’s probably going to use her voice to try and get attention from her mom.

Eventually she has to really shift this relationship with herself and she has to find this hang man, which is shifting her whole perspective of herself and reality and moving into a spiritual viewpoint and perception. Which will then enable her to see that all celebrities. So singers, especially have a certain messenger of the divine kind of quality.

Now she’s seeking that and she has it up in there. A broker archetypes with the hang man being crucial because that’s really the one that is that service walking the divine path.

So when she changes their perception and sees that she is at service and she is here to, in a way, awaken people into spirituality is when she really starts taking over into her power of the. And becoming this Jedi master with a force of her seal mission when she disciplined and she could control her impulses and her passionate and her demons and her big narcissistic willpower desire, as I’m going to say, which gets evoked by the devil, which.

Is that she has all the wealth and the riches and people working for her and the expansion of all things. I mean, the devil is, you know, very wealthy and rich and gets to experience an abundant, luxurious, most devilish place. So you can kind of cross boundaries or play in the gray. And so she does, but she wants a very charged, passionate relationship in service to the divine where she’ll be in service to that.

But as long as it’s a very kind of wholesome hook for her. And of course she has to be careful the diction of the passion in her relationships and really build the relationship through clear communication and communication. Desire as weird as they are as passion and of what she really wants. She needs to tune into what she really wants and in that can influence and create something that’s really powerful.

I mean, she does that chariot up a tub with a force. She is a warrior for love, you know, and self-empowerment through a deeper essence of spiritual. But she wants to bring out into the world to break structures that prevent them from actually shining. And that’s what she’s here to preach and willfully in a way, put into the world

in her dark side, you know, she. The fool is usually as an environment social group. It is that she’s never felt like she was part of the culture of a society of, of her environment. Even maybe her family and her family might’ve been quite chaotic and kind of crazy. And even her environment, social events.

She probably didn’t fit in. And she was a little bit like the fool. So when she put boundaries and she really created a manifest of herself, that she kind of tuned into her own spiritual practices and beliefs and morals. And what was her vision in which he starts announcing that. She really starts with transcendental path through the son’s insecurities and into an empowered emperor.

Right. That’s looking to build a tower castle, an empire new structures for love to shine with the sun through her sole mission through being the forest, the discipline, the warrior, the general. Master that allows energy to move through

in calculation calculated vision.

And she can really impact the industry, which obviously she has. She’s one of the biggest. Today, which is difficult. We’re all kind of segregated in our little communities to have a pop icon is rare that we really actually are fascinated with it. And with the sun, you know, she could move towards film even with a chariot us.

There’s really the film business. There is looking to make her even bigger in our influence. And perhaps there’s a whole new media empire. That is a waiting lady guy. Hey, hope you enjoyed that. Another to the next celebrity check reading, enjoying.






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