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Latest Past Events

Certification – III – Global Transits

San Sebastian Calle de San Pedro, San Sebastian

The third certification course initiates you into tradition of transits. Learn how the energetics of each day affect the archetypes, and what this means for each individual chart. Discover how to use the knowledge of timing and transits and apply it practically, to really immerse yourself in the flow, and the rhythms of nature, to support your highest potential. Understanding the energetic influence of days, weeks, and months, can assist you in maximizing your productivity, efficiency, creativity, clarity, and ultimately allow you to bring awareness to navigating your daily life, in both your career and relationships. Learn to identify transits and timings which may trigger you into your wounds, or lift you into your light. We will cover exactly how to interpret transits and how to create a personalized framework to help you make the most of them.


Certification – V – Family & Parenting

Sin Numbre, Oaxaca Mexico 20 de noviembre 208,, Oaxaca Centro

The fifth certification course initiates you into family and parenting. Learn how the energetics of multiple charts and groups, create a complex web of relationships, and what this means for each individual.