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Certification XII – Artist Initiation

Nov 27, 2022 - Dec 4, 2022

Artist & Creative Initiation Workshop

Join the Artist Iinitiation Workshop and learn the secret meaning of the Tarot’s Major Arcana and how it relates to our soul’s journey. Learn the subconscious architecture and the archetypes that define the Fool’s Journey, the true “hero’s journey” that Joseph Campbell famously describes, as being the base to all stories, myths, and the human evolution. Gain insights into how the language of art, frequency, symbology, align to create one of the most powerful spiritual tools that dates back to our origins. Become initiated into the mystery schools of mystery schools, as you evolve personally through the workshops, all of your creative endeavors will be more powerful, poignant, and impactful, as you will now know the secret code of the human consciousness. 


As an artist, creative, producer, writer, musician, architect, or simply a lover of the Tarot; this workshop will provide a well of value for your creative endeavors by initiating you into the incredible symbolism of the Major Arcana.  Go deep into the heart of the Tarot’s hidden knowledge and become expert in the art and symbols of the Tarot, to be able to make your own cards.  Drift deep into the Fool’s Dream.


You will gain understanding of the Sphinx Code Archetypal Blueprint, and how the journey of the Fool brings together our human conscious awakening.  Understanding the significance of each archetype brings you a vast knowledge of subconscious patterns, innate within all humans, which allows for your creativity to impact more deeply, and coherently.


Join the Jouney in an incredibly dynamic and shamanic city – Oaxaca, Mexico. In a small group within a beautiful and intimate setting, with the Founder Manex, Victoria Ibar, and the current artist, Mike Pinette. Get personal access daily, through meals and outings, while living and breathing the archetypes.  Access the deeper transmission of the energy of each archetype, to become a carrier of the code, and apply it your creative endeavors.


The Archetypes of the Subconscious

The Tarot’s Major Arcana are one of the great mysteries, their origins wildly debated, and typically unknown. Few truly understand what they represent, and how they function within the human subconscious.  Through this workshop you will be initiated into the secret code of the Tarot.  Following the Fool’s Journey through each of the Archetypes, you will gain deep knowledge of how each archetype is related to one another, their symbols, and hidden language; as well as their value within the Sphinx Code Archetypal Blueprint. 

About the Workshop

Oaxaca City, Mexico is a powerful place for initiation. With the legendary books of Castaneda’s own shamanic initiations, the magic energy is still prevalent and present, appropriate for this powerful modern initiation into the Major Arcana.

Arrival Nov 27th, 2022

Departure Dec 4th, 2022.


The workshop costs $1850 per person.

* this can be paid in 3 payments


Practical Details:  

The workshop will consist of daily lectures where we will go through 3 archetypes a day.  Days start at 10am and finish at 7pm with breaks for lunch and snacks.


we are renting a beautiful private house in Oaxaca city. Housing costs will be split amongst participants, and will be between $125-250/night.  Food will also be a shared cost, mostly with breakfast and lunch served at the house and dinners will be enjoyed at the many incredible restaurants in Oaxaca city.

Airport:  Oaxaca Xoxocotlán International (OAX/MMOX)



Nov 27, 2022
Dec 4, 2022


Oaxaca City, mexico
Oaxaca City, oaxaca Mexico


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  • Love and blessings,
    This sounds transformative. Is there a prerequisite for this workshop?

    • Hi Ren,
      thanks for your interest. There is no pre-requisite, except for your love of the Tarot, Art and the creative process. This workshop is quite transformative.

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