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Be Initiated into the incredible depths of the 22 Major Arcana.   Become a Tarot expert and gain insider secrets never revealed before and dive deep into the Sphinx Code, understanding the full Archetypal Blueprint® and learn how to give readings to others.  

Gain tremendous value for yourself, by receiving this initiation and becoming a wisdom keeper, you will provide value wherever you are in the world, as you can help anyone better understand themselves, give practical solutions, and truly help people raise from their darker patterns, to their higher vibration and exceptional beings.

Join the depth of knowledge and wisdom that the system has to offer about decoding people’s different personalities and reveal their archetypal blueprint.

The Initiation is 2 week journey that will change your perception of reality, as you will gain knowledge of the archetypes that lead our human conscious experience.  You will begin to see the archetypes playing and dancing everywhere, from marketing billboards and advertisement, to stories and books, films and tv series, and even towards people that you meet socially.  This initiation is a transformational experience in itself, as you grow into your own awareness, by deeply understanding your own Archetypal Blueprint, but also your family and loved ones, as well as work relationships.  The information and understanding creates a lasting change in your overall life, bringing deep clarity on how our own genetics and subconscious architecture drive our lives.  

learn to navigate your own life story and achieve a higher purpose of serving humanity towards their own liberation. Join the Sphinx Code Wisdom Keepers and initiate your progress in personal value and achieve new potentials dormant within you.




March 16-6 April, 2024 Irun/San Sebastián Spain

August 2 – 18th, 2024 USA California

November 10-24, Nile River, Egypt

Become a Wisdom Keeper

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Get the Following For your Initiation

As part of the initiation and in becoming a Wisdom Keeper, you will gain access to these tools to further your career.      

  1. Sphinx Code Oracle Deck
  2. Velvet Reading Mat
  3. Certificate as Wisdom Keeper
  4. Profile on the Site with booking and email system.
  5.  Access for 2 years to Wisdom Keeper Online Software
  6. Monthly Zoom Calls with the other Wisdom Keepers